Netanyahu extends greetings to Muslims at start of Ramadan

In addresses to Muslim world, the prime minister says he hopes Israeli Muslims, who are familiar with democracy, could serve as an example for their coreligionists in the region.

Benjamin Netanyahu posted a video message on YouTube on Sunday, wishing Muslims in Israel and all over the world a happy month of Ramadan.

In the video message, Netanyahu expresses the hope that the “Arab Spring” wave of protests would bring democracy to Muslims everywhere, and that Israeli Muslims, whom he says are familiar with democracy, could serve as a beacon of light to their brethren in the region, who also want to live as free citizens in a democratic country. A democratic Arab world, says the prime minister, would certainly make peace with Israel.

Moreover, Netanyahu used the opportunity of the Ramadan address to call on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to return immediately to negotiations, without preconditions.

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