Tell Congress dump doma

Dear Activist,

The lines are clearly drawn this election and the issue of equality for LGBT Americans is front and center.

Much recent progress has been made, like the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and more and more states expanding marriage equality to their citizens. But no matter how many states recognize the equality of LGBT families, a major barrier still stands firmly in between those families and legal equality at the federal level: the so-called Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

Tell Congress & the President it’s time to Dump DOMA.

When the dust settles from this election, we need to make sure members of Congress and the president are ready to move on repealing DOMA. If the President wins reelection, we should have some serious momentum on our side, and if Mitt Romney wins, we’ll need to dig in even harder to keep important issues of equality like this one at the forefront.

Regardless of whether their state has marriage equality, DOMA keeps same-sex couples shut out from hundreds of rights and benefits that other married couples enjoy.

The Obama administration has stopped defending DOMA in court, but still must enforce this discriminatory law for as long as it remains on the books.

The Republican Party platform supports a national ban on same-sex marriage, so this is really a crucial time for the movement to repeal DOMA … if Republicans win the White House, they’ll almost certainly control all of Congress too, and come January, repealing DOMA will become a much harder task.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have joined the movement to Dump DOMA – more than 200,000 have joined PFAW’s petition alone … but we need YOU with us.

If you believe in full equality for all Americans under the law, please don’t hesitate and join our Dump DOMA petition right now.

Knocking down the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act will be an historic achievement … it is one of the last remaining barriers to full legal equality for millions of Americans. But the only way we’ll achieve it is with overwhelming numbers.

Please add your voice to the growing chorus of Americans demanding an END to DOMA.

Thank you for fighting. Equality is the American Way.


Ben Betz, Online Strategy Manager

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