Sex In the Office

At job interview boss wanted to remove my clothes . I refused . He failed me. I wanted the job and agreed. He inserted big penis to me i cried but pumped in. I got the job and have to sleep with him week end.

I slept with the boss
My boss is an ex-military man and somewhat high profile because he often appears on TV to get interviewed. He is also my direct superior. He did this when the girl he placed over me started to bitch on me for no good reason! I tried to quit around 5x but he would never accept it or ignore it, and instead changed our relationship to make him my direct report. From day 1 when he hired me I felt he was hitting on me because he often used sexual words and sexual scenarios as analogies whenever we discussed work. Over the next few months, these suggestive ideas firmly implanted themselves in my brain which made me finally succumb when he asked me to kiss him when the two of us were alone in the office. I couldn’t resist because I was already so attracted to him by that time and he did me on his desk and chair. After that we went back to talking about work as if nothing happened. I think its mostly due to his nature and my confusion. I already have feelings for him so this comes to no surpis

Sex with boss
i had sex with my boss a few times when i was office junior, it was great!

It’s like any other relationship
I’ve been the boss sleeping with an employee twice now. I’ve been interested in a couple of others, let them know that, and they’ve declined. That was fine. No pressure. If your boss is the kind of dick who insists on sex for your job, or for career advancement, you should run. If he’s a decent guy, like I think I am, what’s the big deal? Both the employees I’ve slept with are still friends. So is one of the ones who declined. I probably provided them extra mentoring, but they all knew that the relationship was a relationship, and the job was the job. I was very careful to make sure I didn’t give them extra favor at work because of the relationship, and told them that if someone found out (which is always a possibility, no matter how discreet you are), I didn’t want other employees thinking they got favors because of the relationship. That would reduce their respect at work, and that’s something I’d never want. But I am attracted to smart, sharp women, so that was never an issue.

Fun at work
I own my own business, and I only hire women as they tend to have better office and organizational skills. I have always choosen employees on the basis of how willing they are “to do the boss” to get ahead, I give raises and other perks. Makes the workplace more fun. I am looking for a new employee right now.

Sex with boss on his boss’s desk
I just had sex with my boss on top of the big boss’ desk. It wasnt good sex but it was a lot of fun to stick it to “the man”. I dont know if I will have sex with him again because he isnt that good or endowed. Hating my job will be a little easier now though knowing in the back of my mind that “haha I fucked on top of that dbags desk” Its a spite/rebellious thing.

Naked Audition:
When I went to the job interview,as a nurse I was escorted into an office by a beautiful secretary. She introduced me to the doctors and left and closed the door to my surprise the man behind the desk stood up to greet me He told me to strip and lie on the couch face down. THey Both fucked me and gave me the job. Both doctor Partners are gay and they take turns at me. But For a gay nurse it is a job from Heaven.

I have been discrete and driven. I returned to school and then work after staying at home raising two kids through to high school. As I finished my degree and was an intern I had the boss at my home several times and he was hooked. He recommended me for an entry job in another office and got it. I had him over the occasional afternoon while my loving husband was at work. Within the year with advanced degree, experience, and good recommendations I was promoted– above all zone offices and I immediately fired that guy who made it very clear as an intern what I had to do to get the job. So I did it, what else can a 40 year old with no resume do, but I saw that he got his reward, because you know I was not the only one he put the leverage to. He deserved it.

Lesbian Boss
A boundary between an employee and her boss. Julia’s my boss, and now she’s my lover. She’s older than me, in her late thirties, but she has a great body. Every time I see her , I have an urge to eat her pussy or fuck her with the strap-on we bought at a place that sells sex toys. She said that is why she hired me.

Passion at work
I have been sleeping with my boss. He is 55, I am 26. It started with flirting….sensuous stares…lovely conversation….He is very physical, very well built…extremely masculine…. He was doing inventory one morning, and asked that I come in at 3am…just him and I. We were talking, and working when he said he was hot. Uf I would mind if he took off his shirt. I said of course not, and he exposed the most manly, muscular hairy chest I have ever seen….I immediately got so juicy in my panties….I had to have him! I went around an aisle and took off my clothes….He turned around me, seen my nude body…..He took me in his arms and we made passionate love non stop for 5 hours. the whole storeroom smelled like our sex! We have fallen in love, mad passionate love. He wants to marry me, and is divorcing his wife. His children are all adults now. He wants to give me a baby. I am going for it! He is the man I always dreamed of….He is 55, but looks 40. I love him and as I type this,

I work for two interior decorators at the interview they molested me and have not stopped yet but I like the way they compete for me

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