Songs of Egypt today Morsy Morsy Me, It is a ball of Confusion and People are talking about a revolution

Morsi Obama's bitch
The Egyptian pound is 15 cents Inflation at 16% The reserve will only last 50 days and counting down.
Morsi Ugly

Egypt is threatened By default and starvation.
Morsi Nude 1

Thank you Mr. Obama Freedom has been trampled and only the voices of the Mullahs are the only voices that can be Heard.

Judges are banned from their courts till they get rid of the one woman judge it is against the Shariaa for a woman to Judge.

Referendum forged to bring in an Islamic constitution that takes away the rights of Christians, women and minorities.
morsi El shater 7
Morsi’s Devil of the Ikhwan

The Opposition is defending itself In courts for speaking up. That is the democracy that Egypt has today.Banning demonstrations, banning free speech closing of opposition TV channels and news papers

Morsi the lion of Kasr el nile

Back to Al Tahriri square

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