Syrian Girl and her Mother Sold by Father to Sex Jihad اب يبيع شرف ابنته وزوجته في سبيل جهاد النكاح : فتاة تحكي قصتها كاملة مع جهاد النكاح

She is Now protected By Assad Army and the Syrian social services away from the Revolutionary Fanatic Father for Cash. Who is paying those Fuckers the girl is 14 years old. Fuck that Jihad and fuck the religion that advocates it. And fuck the ass holes who sell their kids for a lunatic fatwa by a sex crazed child molester Sheikh who had her as his commission. She was molested by more than 35 so called Jihadists. That is who France and Obama and Cameron are protecting and sending money and Arms to fanatics and terrorists. Ass holes.

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