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Zenvo Devin ST1
Zenvo Automotive was founded wîth one goal in mind. To produce a unique hand built supercar. The developing of the prototype started in 2004. The prototype is completed and the car is in the last testing phase.

In 2009 Zenvo Automotive will start the series production of the car, Zenvo ST1. It will be a very limited edition and only 15 cars will be built and sold to special approved customers.
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The idea behind the car was to hand build a high performance super car which will meet today´s standards but still keep the original and unique feeling of driving a supercar. The car will have excessive power due to both supercharger and turbo, but will still be drivable for everyday use.
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The car is 100% build in Denmark and the design is a result of Danish design.
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The developing and production are taking place in our hyper modern production hall wîth all the best equipment available. Since we work very tight wîth most of our partners we try to use local suppliers.
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This makes us able to communicate better and to follow the developing much closer to obtain the best possible result.
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A/S Zenvo Automotive is the company behind the first ever build Danish supercar.

The company is located in Denmark 45 min. drive from the capital Copenhagen. Zenvo Automotive was founded wîth only one goal in mind – to produce unique hand built supercars.
The research and development for the first prototype started in 2004. The prototype has now been completed and presented for a public audience for the first time at Le Mans 24 hour race.. Zenvo Automotive will start a series production of the car, named the Zenvo ST1. It will be a limited edition wîth only 15 cars to be built.
Whenever possible we use local suppliers and we work closely wîth our business partners, enabling us to not only source the best components but influence the development process to achieve top performance and great design solutions for the Zenvo.
Zenvo ST1
The first supercar coming from Zenvo Automotive is called Zenvo ST1. S stands for Supercharger, T for Turbo and 1 for model number one. For the engineers and designers within Zenvo Automotive, a clear list of criteria was made to ensure the car would not only be a track worthy supercar but a car that would be suitable for everyday use.
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The ST1 even though so powerful, is very drivable. It retains the unique feeling of driving a hand built supercar while still delivering the needs of modern motoring and safety. The car is 100% built in Denmark.
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From its impressive list of mechanical specifications to its striking pose the Zenvo ST1 is the result of clever Danish design. All these features are blended together to form a vehicle that demands attention but remains purposeful and practical. The frame is steel space frame and the body is in carbon.
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The car is 100% Danish design. Denmark has always been known around the world for its cutting edge design and for the first time ‘Danish Design’ has been applied to a Supercar! The design of the Zenvo ST1 is made from free flowing accelerating lines creating the shapes of the wheel arches, the roof lines, side line and the lower side air intake. The sharp lines are connected by muscular organic surfacing creating dramatic reflections. The front is designed around the hexagonal trademark Zenvo grille flanked by the large front air intakes used for brake cooling and housing the front light. The theme of the front is repeated in the rear which is designed around the big diffuser necessary for high speed stability and down force. As on the front the center volume is flanked by large air exits extracting hot engine air as well as housing the exhausts and rear lights. The rear spoiler, mandatory for a car capable of extreme high speeds, is partly integrated. It has a unique aerodynamic design following the raked shape of the rear end.
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Comfort & Luxury
The Zenvo ST1 is equipped wîth all modern facilities which make the car usable for everyday use. The A/C makes sure that the cabin always has the right temperature and the build in navigation makes sure that you always arrive in time. The 7½’ screen makes you able to see DVD and is also connected to a rear view camera to make reversing easy.
The audio system also allows you to hear music from either your I-Pod, MP3 player, CDs or Radio.

The racing seats are both electrical adjustable and so are the §teering wheel. The start up of the Zenvo is easy due to key-less go. Simply just push the ‘start engine’ button. When driving the head up display gives you a perfect and safe access to driving information. 2 build in airbags for extra protection and safety. When just cruising simply just use the cruise control. When leaving the car it automatically locks.
Engine & Power
The impressive power is supplied by a 7 liter V8 engine and yes, this is the first ever supercar combining the benefits from both a supercharger and turbo. This combination delivers all the power in one straight line. This makes the car very drivable and has the character of a normal aspirated engine but much more powerful. The engine is a Bio Flex engine. It can run on normal unleaded 98 (RON) or on Bio fuel (E85) or both combined.

Vital Stats
Engine : 7.0 L., 8-cylinder
Power: 1104 hp
Torque: 1054 ft-lbs
6-speed Manual
The car is standard delivered wîth a manual 6 speed gearbox which is specially developed to handle the enormous torque and power. We are also offering an option of delivering the car wîth a paddle shift solution
Base Price $1.8 Million

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