Happy New Year 2014 to Our Middle Eastern and Russian Friends Ya Kafara, She will go to heaven and get 72 Gholams that is young stud boys that is what the Ikhwan promised their women terrorists. Heavenly Fucks

ny kafra
Thanks to Bibo SeventyThree
to our Russian Friends С Новым Годом атеисты не верующих

Official training for Jihad al Nika7 training for Fucking Jihad first step
terrorist 1

terrorist 1a

terrorist 2

terrorist 3

terrorist 4

terrorist 5

terrorist 6

terrorist 7

terrorist 8

terrorist 9

terrorist 10

Ikhwan soldier terrorist
Once fucked by enough Jihadis she qualifies for becoming a Jihadi and can blow herself up after blowing at least 50 guys.

terrorist 17
as just happened in Russia

terrorist 11

terrorist 12



terrorist 15

terrorist 16

ny kafra

Happy New year My Beautiful Friends Fuck them let them kill themselves. have a great 2014 and enjoy the Killing or fucking of the fucking Terrorists

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