Cart-Aide Inc. Owner of Liberal lifestyles, Civic Egypt, and We Want Sexual Freedom.
If you are reading this you know who we are and what we present and represent.


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Are looking for representatives for an exciting and rewarding career, for the following countries:

North America
Canada, Mexico, and the USA.

England,France, Germany, Russia, and the Netherlands.

Egypt.Tunisia, Morocco, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

India, China, North Korea,and Japan.


South American:
Brazil, Argentina,and Peru.

West Indies
Jamaica, Barbados, Bahamas, and St. Kitts and Nevis.

For more information & Interviews

Individuals, Agencies, or companies, kindly send us details with contact person name, address, e-mail and Skype name and telephone number.
CVs and details can be sent in English, French or Arabic.
We are an Equal Opportunity Organization and we welcome all Races Genders and Those discriminated against. Muslim Brotherhood Ikhwan, and other Islamic Terrorists are not welcome.

Send information to:
[email protected]

Attention: Mark N. Behelak

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