Alien Insects

A common mistake when searching for alien life forms is to look up into the sky for something big. But alien life is right here, at our feet, in our backyards. Millions of tiny but frightening aliens, many just a few millimetres long. We’ve convinced the most cheerful of the lot to give us a tour…

aliens 1

aliens 2

aliens 3

aliens 5

aliens 6

aliens 7
Insects are all around us, and influence all our lives. –

aliens 8
aliens 13

aliens 14
aliens  9

aliens 10
Recognisably animals, but disconcertingly different from the animals we know best, their alien appearance can evoke mistrust, even revulsion
aliens 11

aliens 12

yet many are strikingly beautiful at close quarters, and their adaptations and special qualities are entirely fascinating.

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