Isis Slaughters a Kurdish Soldier and threatens Barzani and Obama

Massud Barzani, president of the autonom

barzani 4

3 gunmen wearing black uniforms standing in front of a mosque with another man wearing a uniform of orange on his knees, and the face of one of the gunmen message to the President of the United States warns him in the case of whether continued American attacks on strongholds of the organization, and the other to the President of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, who invited him to watch the fate of the one of his forces and soldiers who have been slaughtered by the end of the last message.
This comes after the widening circle of the current turmoil in Iraq and Syria, which spread to affect the Kurds and the Arabs of Iraq and parts of Syria and Lebanon summoned the intervention of the United States air strikes to organize all the sites of Iraq and Syria.

barzani 1

barzani 2

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