Dick Cheney said President Obama made a big mistake supporting the Muslim Brotherhood “We ought to designate it as a terrorist organization” Hear, hear.

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WASHINGTON, D.C.—In a closed-door meeting with House Republicans, former Vice President Dick Cheney said President Obama has “actually done things that have supported the Muslim Brotherhood,” according to Rep. John Fleming (R-LA).
Fleming explained how Cheney traced the lineage of many of the jihadist groups back to the Muslim Brotherhood and asserted that Obama has actually assisted the Muslim Brotherhood.
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“He really gave an extremely important discussion,” Fleming said. “He basically said that President Obama has actually done things that have supported the Muslim Brotherhood that on the other hand the Muslim Brotherhood is really the beginnings of all the Islamist groups we are dealing with, Hamas, ISIS all of those groups and that President Obama has actually facilitated the Muslim Brotherhood. So our policies have been exactly opposite to where they should be.”

“I think its a mistake for all of us to just focus on ISIS. ISIS is a manifestation of a radical ideology that is taking place throughout the Middle East,” he said. “I was with a group of Armed Services Committee people who were in the Middle East for 10 days last week, it doesn’t matter whether it’s ISIS, or Hamas, or the Muslim Brotherhood or Hizballah, or Boko Haram or whatever they call it, it’s one in the same thing. And it springs out of this Muslim Brotherhood group, and so we’ve got to work with our allies in the Middle East proactively to help them stand up and fight this. It’s a major challenge to them, but it’s going to be a challenge to us because they are going to bring that back to us here.
Cheney also suggested President Obama has been naive about the Muslim Brotherhood and that other nations in the Middle East have a perception the U.S. “has been supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood.”
The Brotherhood, Cheney said, is the “ideological source for all radical Islamic terrorist groups around the globe.”
“We ought to designate it as the terrorist organization it is, and we should provide full backing and support for those governments across the Middle East who are standing against the Muslim Brotherhood,” he said.
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Later, during the question and answer portion of his appearance, Cheney went on to say that due to a decline in trust, some of America’s allies believe it has aided the Muslim Brotherhood.
“There is a perception — and again these are some Israelis, Arabs, so forth — perception that the United States cannot be trusted the way we had been in the past. And that we need to go in and act, work with them closely to restore their faith in our commitments because it’s been seriously eroded there is a deep belief for example, I don’t want to zero in on any one particular country, but it’s general throughout the region that the United States has been supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood,” he said — during the question and answer portion — going on to say that the U.S. needs to show that “we understand that, its not just their concerns its our concerns as well.”
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