Street Musician Joined by a Singing Stray Dog, Promptly Adopts Him an Names Him Ivan.

stray 2

This is one of the sweetest videos I’ve seen in a while!
When Sergei Ivanovich, a solo , Clarinetist and street musician performer, Sergei Ivanovich, plays his clarinet regularly in Dnipropetrovsk’s Ukraine Square.One day as he prepared for his performance, we highly doubt he expected to be joined by a beautiful singer. Not just any singer either, but a stray dog with the voice of an angel!
“He just came up when I sat down and began to play the first note,” Sergei explained to a local news source.
stray 1
Not only did the crowd love the dog, so did Sergei. That day the dog followed him home, Sergei took him in and agreed it would be for the best. A smart performer knows you have to give the audience what it wants. I gave him a home and called him Ivan. Now we are a duet Sergei and Ivan

Congrats to these two, who will hopefully make sweet duets together forever! Check out their performance below:

This bond is one in a million! Sergei recognized that when he welcomed this pup into his home. Now they can do duets for a lifetime! I’m patiently awaiting their first album… I’d buy it in a heartbeat!
stray 3
This is not the first time Ivan the dog accompanied street musicians.He shared this video with us he is with a girl playing a saxophone but the relation did not last long they did not get along, the dog said “she was not that good, and I could not show my talent because she did not want to compete with a dog, we did not make any money and she said she could not feed me, so I left her and joined Sergei who was happy to have me.We are a better duet, and we are making a good living” Sergei agreed.

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