Egyptian Transgenders arrested for posting videos on youtube

malouka 2
Classified as the most dangerous she/male in Egypt.
Ahmed M. known as Malouka al Daloua and his lover Abdullah known as Aida where arrested in Cairo and charged with spreading Homosexuality in Egypt.

Maloukas video
Known to their friends as the king and queen of gays. The accusations include having sex with rich Arabs Israelis and Egyptians breast augmentation surgery and owning wigs, female clothing dildos and make up as well as a sums of money 200 Israeli Shekels and E£21,000 that officials say are the revenues from prostitution.
Also in their possessions where liquor bottles,cell phones and computers detailing their Utube videos.
malouka 3
Under Arrest
Homosexuality is legal in Egypt it will be interesting to see if the charges of downloading videos to utube and breast augmentation, owning women clothes, lingerie dildos as well as make up charges will stand in court..Homosexuality is illegal in Islam.
Human rights lawyers have volunteered to defend the two transgenders who are presently held in jail for four days while the investigation continues and presentation to the medical examiner.
malouka and aida
Malouka and Aida
The authorities have no proof of prostitution as they have to be found in or soliciting which they where not. It is not illegal to download videos to Utube and they videos do not contain any nudity or obscene matterials.
malouka 5
Police evidence

Clip to Evernote
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