The Terrorists Rights Watch Organisation.

Bias paid for by Qatar of Human Rights Watch Organisation Targeting Egypt

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Bias of human rights watch organisation targeting Egypt. Actually in Egypt it should be called Terrorists rights organization

Human Rights Watch (HRW) says rights conditions in Egypt are “in sharp decline,” adding “there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.s of human rights watch organisation targeting Egypt
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Electric towers are Bombed on a daily basis by terrorists peaceful demonstrators according to HRW

In its world report on 90 countries released Thursday, the New York-based rights group said the rise of Islamic extremists after the Arab Spring uprisings have prompted many governments to view human rights as a “luxury for less trying periods.”
Egypt is fighting Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS terrorism in the Sinai as well as in most major cities.
“Egypt is at a post-revolution nadir, and right now there’s no light at the end of the tunnel,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East and North Africa director. “The situation for thousands of Egyptians is getting worse by the day.”
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However the report fails to mention the rioting and bombs and burning of electric powerplants and public utilities there where over 120 bombs detonated in Cairo alone on the 24 and 25 of January 2015 by the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists and other terrorists in Egypt.

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Explosion by Terrorists in the Sinai aimed against the Military killed five civilian including two children.

There has been more than 198 Policemen and soldiers killed in the past year mostly by the terrorists Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic militants.who endorsed ISIS
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These armed Militants kill people and blame it on the police has any of these cold blooded murders been investigated by HRW. No they are immediately attributed to Police brutality and the killing of innocent peaceful demonstrators by the Violent and out of control Police trampling Human rights.
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Bomb blast aboard Egyptian bus killed four
Human Rights Watch (HRW) epitomizes the ongoing crisis and moral failure of powerful non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that claim to promote the universal principles of human rights. The review of HRW’s 2015 activities, particularly in Egypt, demonstrates that little has changed compared to previous years, and that the same individuals continue to control the organization’s agenda and activities. Paid for By Qatar who is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorists in the Middle-east
In particular, HRW’s activities reflect the absence of professional standards and research methodologies; lack of expertise on international law and armed conflict with terrorists; and a deep-seated ideological bias against Egypt in particular. Under the ongoing leadership of Kenneth Roth, these failings, that led HRW founder Robert Bernstein to condemn his own organization in the New York Times in 2009, have continued in 2015. As shown below, Roth’s and Sarah Leah Whitson, obsession with Egypt was particularly evident in his social media postings.
HRW’s deep bias and lack of credibility in 2015 was seen in:
Rights violations and armed conflicts with terrorists that are out of the media focus continue to get little to no attention from HRW. On Egypt, while HRW issued fewer condemnations in 2012/13 where non existent during the violent rule of the Ikhwan the burning of churches and prosecution of Christians was not criticized by the HRW.
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38 churches where Burnt in Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists
in comparison to the past year , NGO Monitor’s quantitative analysis of HRW’s activities in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region for 2014 demonstrates that the emphasis continues to be the result of the mix between ideology and the degree of media attention to specific issues. This reflects the ongoing roles of Sarah Leah Whitson and Joe Stork, whose strong ideological agendas have severely distorted MENA’s priorities.
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Joe Stork
Whitson remains MENA director, despite having endorsed the Qaddafi regime as human rights reformers – tainting all HRW statements on Libya – and having led HRW’s fund-raising trips to Saudi Arabia and Qatar the second largest donor After Soros.
In exchange dilute the report on Human rights violations in Qatar of the foreign workers or they do not have rights they are not terrorists.
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Egyptian authorities have dismissed earlier HRW reports as biased and stopped the group’s executive director from entering the country in August 2014 ahead of the release of yet another biased report on the forced dispersal of heavily armed pro-Morsi sit-ins.
If the level of Terrorism in Egypt was on going in the USA or anywhere in Europe I doubt that Human rights would be an issue in dealing with Terrorists. OR Have you Become the Terrorists Rights Organisation
Some honest and unpaid for reporting would be welcome Not bribed and paid for officials of what was once a respected organisation.

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