Famously Foldable Apartment Wants $1 Million For 420 Sq. Ft.

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by Jeremiah Budin
TreeHugger and LifeEdited founder Graham Hill made headlines in 2012 with his incredible folding 420-square-foot studio, which can be
shifted around and rearranged to accommodate
fold 2
a 12-person dinner party, two overnight guests, a home theater, and more. Now Hill has put the microdwelling on the market for $995,000—$2,369 per square foot,
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although those square feet are more versatile than pretty much any other square feet anywhere.
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The apartment was the result of a competition that Hill ran after buying it and an adjacent unit in 2009. The winning design, courtesy of Romanian architecture students Catalin Sandu and Adrian Iancu, was selected from over 300 entrants.

Hill spent $287,000 on the apartment (and $280,000 on the adjacent
fold 4
apartment, where he lived while the competition and subsequent gutting and renovation was taking place. The renovation cost him
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around $365,000. And, if you were wondering whether the brokerbabble
fold 6
would still manage to be overwrought and hyperbolic with an apartment this cool, don’t worry—it did: “It was designed by geniuses for geniuses. And now it can be yours.
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