Loyal Dog Tortured and Slaughtered in Egypt by Murderers. It was Revenge Act on the Dog Owner. Videos 18+

Max the murdered dog and His owner Mohammed Al Sayed
Those animals who killed the Dog should be punished. There are laws to prevent cruelty to animals In Egypt they should be applied
A video posted recently on a social networking site shows a group of young people rallied around a dog attacking it with sharp weapons.

According to eyewitnesses, the brutal attack took place due to a quarrel between the owner of the dog and two other individuals.

Al Ahram and youm7 and Masrawy reported that the dog was loyal to its owner and rushed to protect him when he was being attacked by the two thugs that killed him

The dog bit two of the attackers and a third person who was not involved in the brawl.

The thugs sued the owner in court and who was sentenced to one year in imprisonment.

An eye witness said, “The dog’s owner attempted to reconcile with the disputers but the parties demanded that he should hand them over the dog to be slaughtered. The owner rejected and offered to buy a sheep for ransom instead of slaughtering the dog. Unfortunately they refused and he asked them to shot the dog instead of killing it by knives and swords.
dogmurder 2

“They accepted his offer but instead tortured it and used knives and swords which was filmed and circulated by users of social networking site.”

The owner of the dog who is identified as Mohammed Al Sayed was crying on the phone when he was interviewed by the Egyptian anchor Wael Ibrashy in the program 10 pm (Al Ashera Masan) which was braodcasted on Dream TV.

The killing of the dog in this horrible manner raised a wave of indignation among the Egyptian public and animal welfare societies.

Those killers assholes should be prosecuted if there is still any humanity left In Egypt.
One of the Killers name is Amr Algazar and two others have been arrested and charged with the killing of the dog.

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