Aurita Does Egypt and the Ministry of Tourism is Scandalized

aurita f
Aurita wanted in Egypt for flashing, indecent exposure and fornication dressed or nude and defaming cultural Heritage and giving a blow job at the feet of the Spinx.
aurita e
Our Investigators report is available to the Ministry of Tourism of Egypt and all indignant Egyptians in Photos and videos.
Porn at the pyramids: Fuming Egyptian officials investigate adult film ‘made on tourist trip’
We are helping with the investigation this is what we found.

The culprit wanted in Egypt for filming porn and flashing and giving a blow job near the pyramids and the Sphinx.
aurita a
Then travelling to other parts of egypt where she has sex on a bus a train and in the Sinai desert. Real name Inez Steffan name used in Egypt Aurita.
aurita b
Aliases: Inez Steffan,Aurita, Nika E Met Art, Milana C Femjoy, Erika, Jill, Katia, Lia Karups, Liya, Maria ATK, Niki, Pussika, Sasha
aurita c
Country: Ukraine
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Birthday: 1989-07-08
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 104 lbs
aurita d
Cup: B
Measurements: 37B-23-23
aurita 4
Aurita is a sexual specimen of the great outdoors, and she definitely appreciates hardcore excitement under the bright sunshine, to be an exhibitionist – with hopes of voyeurs enjoying the delightful
aurita 3
and dirty display she offers. Small breasts carry the right amount of bounce as she rides an engorged erection, taking every inch provided and coating it with the creaminess of her feminine fluids.
aurita 5aurita 6

While travelling around Egypt the babe Aurita met someone to share experiences.

Aura 1
The couple was at the pyramids they tried to fuck but it was too crowded so they travelled to quieter places in the Sinai in the desert and they just felt like fucking so they did..
aurita 7

This concludes our investigation

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