100 Years Of The Bikini

The women of the 19th century would shudder to think what a “bathing costume” looks like today.

Tie-side micro bikini from the-Bikini.com on Vimeo.

Vine star Amanda Cerny models the “Evolution of the Bikini” in a fun video, taking a look at swimwear styles from the last 100 years.
1890s: Had to cover up

gifbik 1
Source: Buzzfeed/YouTube
Side note: Women who wanted to go swimming in the ocean in the 1890s had to secretly change into their bathing suits in a “bathing machine,” or van, by the water, and then change back into a proper dress before joining the public eye. Please.
1910s: Actually, this is sort of cute! I’d totally wear it.

gifbik 2
Source: Buzzfeed/YouTube
1930s: Styles really do come around… this bathing suit is popular today.

gifbik 3
Source: Buzzfeed/YouTube
1960s: That’s when the bikini really got its name.

gifbik 4
Source: Buzzfeed/YouTube
2010: And here we are! Like we said, those 1890s ladies would be appalled.

gifbik 5
Source: YouTube
2015: they would faint
bikp 7
Watch the whole evolution

and the coming up mode

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