Erdogan ordered Police to block entry to Istanbul park on protest anniversary and Try to Stop Demonstrations Against his Party

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ISTANBUL — Erdogan Turkish police Sunday tightened security measures in the vicinity of the center of Istanbul’s Taksim Square,and tried to disperse rioters, two years after the start of an unprecedented demonstrations against the government in June 2013. Turkey has an election of Parliament in one week’s time and erdogan does not want any opposition. He has cracked down on the media and students and all opposition parties.
The Election next week is causing Erdogan jitters and is accusing all opposition of being traitors and terrorists. he has cracked down on all non governmental media that is not supporting his party.
Turkey 25 _Gezi_park_protests_in_Istanbul._Events_of_June_16,_2013-6
Police sealed off this morning main streets leading to the famous square and evacuated nearby streets where a similar action set off anti-government protest movement two years ago as a photographer from Agence France-Presse said, adding that public transport was halted to and from Gezi the public park near Taksim square.
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Riot police trucks equipped with water hoses to guard against any signs of the start of the demonstration.
At the dawn of May 31, 2013, police forcibly evacuated hundreds of supporters of the environment of Djezzy garden, opposing a government plan to destroy it. Because of the repression and Police brutality the demonstrations turned into an unprecedented political revolution against the regime of Erdogan
Turkey 21Taksim_Gezi_Park_protests_(15th_June)
Gezi Park Protest
The 3.5 million Turks, according to official police figures, demonstrated against Erdogan across Turkey during the first three weeks of June 2013 These demonstrations, which were suppressed by force left at least eight dead and more than eight thousand wounded. The Western partners to Turkey strongly criticized the violent police practices.
turkey 24 -Taksim_Gezi_Parkı_protestoları
Erdogan has repeatedly condemned the demonstrators and described them as “terrorists” seeking to weaken the state and warned that the government will be very strict with popular protests.
turkey 22 Whirling_Sufi_Protester_wearing_gas_mask_in_Gezi_Park
Whirling Sufi Protester wearing gas mask in Gezi Park

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