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SCHOOL CAN BE COOL ** top 5 hit on Amazon within the School genre June 2015**

  • school_12_BusSCHOOL CAN BE COOL

    Here is Why:

    * It’s a place where you can make friends for life

    * It’s a place where you can play and learn.

    * Has a library where you can read many different stories

    * You get to go on field trips to different places.

School can be Cool is a compilation of five short fun inspirational stories of different children’s experiences of school, the challenges they face and how they overcome them. The age range of the book is between 5-9 years. The subtitles to the book are as follows:
1. Rashida’s first day in a new school;
2. Happy to be you;
3. Practice makes perfect;
4. Don’t judge a book by its cover; and
5. Friday the 13th.
School can be Cool received rave reviews from Kenya’s leading national newspaper, the “Daily Nation” and was stated to “make a good read for children….and schools would benefit from using it as part of their Ethics, English reading and writing classes”. It was also featured on national television on NTV’s.
The book can be purchased for $2.99 online at or Amazon/Kindle.
Maleka Mamuji on [email protected]
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Maleka Mamuji the author of ‘School can be Cool’ is originally from Kenya and moved to Manchester UK when she was six years old. Maleka grew up in Manchester and qualified as a lawyer in London. Writing is a hobby she loves. She particularly enjoys writing about her childhood and is in the process of writing another children’s book which will be a series.

School can be Cool is based on the author’s own childhood experience of school. The author states that “School for me was a memorable experience, fun but tough at times. School is one of the most important times in life and it in many ways shapes our thinking and our way of dealing with situations as an adult. I wrote School can be Cool as a way of sharing my knowledge and experience of school and to help inspire children to enjoy their school life and to teach practical life skills to children.
The children in School can be Cool deal with issues that most children regardless of what race, religion, country they live in will at some stage experience in their academic life and those skills learned in dealing with those situations can help translate into their adult life.

Moving from Kenya to England at a young age was a massive cultural adaption for me. I had never been to England and had no idea what it would be like except for what I had seen on television. I expected that everyone would have a posh accent and speak like the queen, so you can imagine my surprise when I moved to Manchester! I didn’t understand the accent and Manchester dialect for quite some time. Having lived in Manchester for over twenty five years of my life I have now mastered the accent and the Mancunian lingo and am proud to be a Kenyan Mancunian.
In respect to my adapation to a new school in a different country

I found that fellow classmates were quite inquisitive of my background and where I was from as I was from a different country. I was asked all sorts of questions, such as did I live on a tree in Kenya? Which made me laugh and also surprised me but these were common perceptions that some of the children had of Kenya and they were only asking because they wanted to learn as it was something different to what they were used to.

I believe it is important for children to appreciate and to learn about people from different cultures and backgrounds from a young age and with School can be Cool I have tried to achieve this by having children and teachers from different cultures and backgrounds and trying to also tackle some of the common misconceptions people have of those cultures and educating the children on multiculturalism.
The book can be purchased for $2.99 online at or Amazon/Kindle.Or contact the author Maleka Mamuji at [email protected]
To order a hard copy for $3.99 plus shipping.
The hard copy of the book is available in leading book shops in Kenya.
school cover-front

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