Rihanna Just Outed Cristiano Ronaldo As A Gay Man

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Rihanna sparked gay rumors about Cristiano Ronaldo after she told reporters that she has “a lot of gay friends and support sexual diversity” when was asked about her relationship with the soccer star. Well whether or not he may be gay (hey, we’ll take him), let us enjoy his most flaming err hottest outfits.

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While being interviewed by the press on her European tour, Rihanna was asked about her relationship with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. Her response?

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“I have a lot of gay friends and support sexual diversity,” the singer reportedly said,

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Here is the list with all the girlfriends’ names that Ronaldo has dated in the past, since he began playing professional football in Portugal, in 2002. There were a few more women that weren’t included in the list, in most cases due to the lack of proves that they actually had any real relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Irina Shayk
Raffaela Fico
Kim Kardashian
Paris Hilton
Mirella Grisales
Letizia Filippi
Merche Romero
Karina Bacchi
Niki Ghazian
Nereida Gallardo
Imogen Thomas
Luana Belletti

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