28 Brilliant New Words To Add To Your Vocabulary

brill a

Portmanteaus are really cool. This is when you put the meanings and sounds of two words together to form an entirely new one. Since the internet became mainstream, people have been coming up with the most awesome portmanteaus without even realizing it — and we’re not just talking about mash-ups of celebrity names, either. Most of these come from Urban Dictionary, but we won’t be surprised if some of these get into the more legit dictionaries in the near future.

#1. Another way of climbing the corporate ladder.

brill 1

#2. This happens a lot.

brill 2

#3. Our guilty pleasure.
brill 3

#4. There’s one born every minute.

brill 4

#5. Insensitive phubbing.

brill 5

#6. These people probably shouldn’t drive.

brill 6

#7. Because ‘basic’ was so last year.

brill 7

#8. Have you ever been guilty of this?

brill 8

#9. Love your own company.

brill 9

#10. Oh, the agony!

brill 10

#11. Awkward, much?

brill 11

#12. Don’t be that guy.

brill 12

#13. Are you a good nonversationalist?

brill 13

#14. Guilty as charged!

brill 14

#15. Pure evil.

brill 15

#16. We get a lot of this.

brill 16
#17. The. Worst.

brill 17

#18. An unstoppable force of nature.

brill 18
#19. Clever.

brill 19
#20. That explains those typos.

brill 20

#21. White people problems.

brill 21

#22. We all know one.

brill 22

#23. Sounds like heaven.

brill 23

#24. I get this a lot.

brill 24

#25. The opposite of ‘bromance’.

brill 25

#26. Whoa!

brill 26

#27. Related to the ‘humblebrag’.

brill 27

#28. It’s easy to get lost in there.

brill 28

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