Topless Femen protesters ‘kicked during scuffles’ at Muslim conference about women

femen 3 Two topless feminist protesters from Femen have stormed the stage of a conference discussing women in Islam.

A video of the incident appears to show one of the activists being kicked by a man as she is hauled off stage at the event in France.
femen 2

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femen 1-protesters-
The two women are from the Femen activist group, whose members are known for protesting topless with writing across their chest.
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The pair ran onto the stage as two imams were addressing the conference, before removing their clothes and grabbing the microphone.

The so-far unnamed women are believed to be aged 25 and 31. The slogans written across their chest translate to “I am my own prophet” and “Nobody submits me”.
femen 4
Footage shows a group of men running on stage to carry the women off stage.
femen 6
The clip then shows one man in a white t-shirt appearing to kick the protester while she is on the ground.

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