Dunbar Rock Villa

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Dunbar Rock Villa Honduras, Central America

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The villa at Dunbar Rock is one of the Caribbean’s most unique dive resorts; truly one of a kind.
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It is so well known and unusual that it’s featured in the Government of Honduras tourism advertisements and on its own postcard.
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Dunbar Villa operates as a well known dive resort, with excellent diving and fishing right off the dock.
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The coral reef is 100% private and the island lends itself to the intimacy of a private island. Dunbar Rock is ideal for those who want to enjoy a private island holiday, yet want to be close to a major airport and all amenities.
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This beautiful historical landmark was once used as a mooring for the famous pirate Blackbeard. Local legend has it that there is buried treasure on the island.
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When the owner was constructing the villas, he discovered a hidden cave on the island. He found many pieces of pre-Colombian pottery, but sadly no treasure.

The island has a small oak forest that provides shade from the heat of the day. The garden is picturesque.
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The island is incredibly easy to access – only 10 minutes by boat from Guanaja Airport.
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The airport is 2 hours, via direct flight, from Houston, Texas. The flight path for the airport is on the other side of the island, so the island remains quiet and peaceful.

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Location: Sandy Bay, Guanaja, Bay Islands
Villa/Hotel: $ | USD 0 – 500 per night
Whole Island: $ | USD 0 – 500 per night
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