Madonna topless: and other celebrities who have unleashed their breasts and nipples and more

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First Rihanna made her nipples her number one accessory at the CFDA Fashion Awards in New York in November, then Kim Kardashian released a full frontal shot of herself in Paper Magazine.
Now Madonna – never one to be outdone – has unleashed her breasts on the world in all their bright purple glory.
But who else has dared to bare their nipples in the past?
NOTE: Some celebrities such as Denise Richards, Geri Halliwell and other Madonna magazine photographs could not feature in this list as they were just too rude.

1) Keira Knightly, Interview Magazine 2014
nipples keira-knightley-topless-interview-mag-lead12
The Pirates of the Caribbean actress posed topless for Interview Magazine in September this year in protest at having her body manipulated by photoshop.

2) Lindsey Lohan, Playboy Magazine 2011
nipple lohan-2_0
Let us never forget Lindsey Lohan’s playboy shoot.
Lindsey Lohan posed as Marilyn Monroe in 2011 wearing only a silk dressing gown – she was criticised at the time for having many of her freckles airbrushed out.

3) Miley Cyrus, German Vogue Magazine 2014
nipples miley-cyrus-paper-magazine-1
It’s almost a surprise these days to see Miley Cyrus with clothes on. The singer stripped off for German Vogue in February this year in another Marilyn Monroe-style shoot.

4) Sharon Stone, Paris Match 2009
nipple 4
(Picture: Paris match)

After hitting her 50th birthday, Sharon Stone graced the cover of Paris Match Magazine in full bondage gear with her nipples on show. Move on over Madge…

5) Katie Holmes, The Gift 1998
nipple 5
As many teenagers around the world watched romance blossom on Dawson’s Creek, Katie Holmes bared more than expected on supernatural thriller The Gift.

6) Helena Christensen, Reebox 2010
nipple 6
(Picture: Reebox)

Jaws dropped around the world when supermodel Helena Christensen stepped out of retirement wearing just a pair of trainers. She was 41 at the time.

7) Rihanna, Lui Magazine 2014
nipple 7
(Picture: Lui Magazine)

Hiding underneath a bucket hat and braids, Rihanna stripped off entirely for Lui Magazine this year. It wasn’t the last time she bared her chest after wearing next to nothing at the CFDA Fashion Awards in November.

8) Marilyn Monroe, Playboy Magazine 1953
nipple 8

It’s the image that started it all, Marilyn Monroe’s centrefold in the very first Playboy issue in 1953.

9) Drew Barrymore, Playboy Magazine 1995
nipple 9

The ET actress shocked her fans when she posed in playboy aged just 19 years old in 1995.

10) Angelina Jolie, Gia 1998
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(Picture: Gia)

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie bared her chest in 1998 film Gia, a biographical movie about fashion model Gia Marie Carangi.

11) Kate Moss, Playboy 2014
nipple kate kate-moss-mert-marcus-playboy-60th-anniversary-04
Kate Moss has appeared in Playboy on several occasions – the most recently being last year when she doned the familiar bunny ears for the magazine’s 60th anniversary

12) Heather Graham, Boogie Nights 1997
nipple 12
Heather Graham first released her nipples in the film Boogie Nights in 1997. She continued to do so in dozens of other films including Boogie Woogie and Killing Me Softly.

13) Beyonce, Flaunt Magazine 2013
nipple 13
(Picture: Flaunt Magazine)

Just a few months after giving birth to her daughter Blue Ivy, Beyonce stripped off entirely and doused herself in glitter for this magazine cover.

14) Pamela Anderson, Purple Magazine 2014
nipple 16Pam Anderson in Playboy Large Album (NSFW) – Album on Imgur

nipple 16aPamela-Anderson-nude-full-frontal-picture
Aged 46, Pamela Anderson pushed boundaries with this magazine shoot in March this year. Several year after squeezing into a tiny red swimsuit in Baywatch, the actress showed she still had it.

15) Scarlett Johansson, Under the Skin 2013
nipple 15
The actress went full frontal last year in a film about a woman seducing lonely men. Turns out Scarlett actually picked up real men during filming in Glasgow to make the film more realistic.

16) Kim Kardashian, Paper Magazine 2014
nipple 16
And how could we forget Kim Kardashian? She not only ‘broke the internet’ with shots of her behind went viral but she full on sent it into a frenzy when she stripped off entirely the next day.

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