The Greatest Wardrobe Malfunctions In Cheerleading History

Maybe a size too short?
ass 28  Maybe a size too short
Taylor Swift’s twin?
ass a swift
The dance move called “the limbo”
Image #: 26253955    width=
She made a dodo
ass 2 dodod

What is happening up there?
ass 3 what is
Where is his thumb going?
ass 4 thumb
Give me a B! Give me a U! Give me a T! Give me another T!
ass 5 give me

The frillier the better
ass 6 frill
Carolina pride
ass 7 Carolina pride
Cowboy up!
ass 8  Cowboy up!
The treasure underneath
ass 9 The treasure underneath
They don’t make those shorts very wide, do they?
ass 10
Using spygate to your advantage
ass 11 Using spygate to your advantage
ass 12  Pink
The shirts aren’t THAT entertaining, compared to other things
ass 13
Shake, Shake, Shake
ass 14 Shake, Shake, Shake
Chillin’ on the steps
ass 15 Chillin’ on the steps

Is that a rainbow up there?
ass 17 Is that a rainbow up there
A behind the scenes view
ass 18  A behind the scenes view
Look closely
ass 19 Look closely
underwear is over rated
ass 20 Underwear is overrated

ass 23 Gymnasts
Talent, pure talent
ass 24 Talent, pure talent
Where is the underwear?
ass 25 Where is the underwear
Riding with the top down
ass 26 Riding with the top down
look what fell out
ass 27 look what fell out

Janet Jackson redux
ass 22 Janet Jackson redux
Is she gonna answer that?
ass 16  Is she gonna answer that

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