Porn Stars Talk About The Wildest Shit They’ve Ever Done On Set

By Mustafa Gatollari

Porn is pretty much the biggest industry out there, and as a result, some pretty crazy fetishes have emerged for our viewing pleasure.
Porn 1 board
Like when Nikki Darling was once tied to a board, had a sack thrown over her head and was given the ole’ water torture treatment.

Whereas Mona Wales got a little butt sparkle action going on.
porn 2 fart
In case you were wondering about the logistics of butt glitter, she was more than happy to give details.
porn 3 fart 2
Thanks, for that.

And Roxanne Rae discussed her Frankenstein-themed porno.
porn 4
OK it wasn’t really Frankenstein-themed, but we’d like to think it was, is that so wrong?

Simone Sonay built up a bit of suspense with hers…
porn 5
porn 6
..we’ll just say that her dog made a cameo and let’s leave it at that.

Guys everywhere are cringing at this kink…

porn 7
…and women everywhere at this one.
porn 8
We’d hate to ask, but, what brand? Sriracha is a little on the sweeter side…

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