Will Trudeaumania sweep Canada’s Liberals into power with a majority?

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Federal election held in Canada today and Justin Trudeau is at the helm of the Liberal Party, he will win a strong majority in the House of Commons, says a Forum Poll for the National Post.

Forty-one per cent of poll respondents said they are voting Liberal granting the party 164 of the 308 seats in the house. The Tories would get 30% of the vote and 93 seats, and the NDP would get 20% of the vote and 45 seats.
Nanos tracking: Liberals hit 39.1% support, Conservatives 30.5%, NDP is at 19.7
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According to numbers released on Sunday, the day before voters head to the polls:
The Liberals are at 39.1 per cent support nationally
The Conservatives are at 30.5 per cent support nationally
The NDP is at 19.7 per cent support nationally
The Green Party is at 4.6 per cent support nationally
With six per cent of the vote, the Bloc Quebecois would get five seats. Two per cent of the vote would go to the Green Party, which would retain its single seat.

Surprisingly, much of the new support for the Trudeau-led Liberals 39.1% came from other parties: 25% from the NDP and even 11% from the Conservatives.
Canadian election: Justin Trudeau on the brink of reviving family tradition – The Guardian
posted : 5 hours ago
Canada goes to the polls Today to decide whether to extend Conservative leader Stephen Harper’s near-decade in power or return the country to its more liberal roots. Harper is trailing Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, the son of the late prime …

‘Trudeaumania’ heir could become Canada’s next PMThe Sun Herald
Heir to ‘Trudeaumania’ leads race to become Canada’s next prime ministerThe Tribune
Justin Trudeau draws upon family legacy as he completes homestretch – CBC.ca
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Justin Trudeau ended his campaign Sunday in the province where it began, in British Columbia. At a rousing rally, with close to 3,000 … ANALYSIS | Poll Tracker: Liberals poised for win barring Conservative surprise; How to watch: CBC News coverage on …
On eve of election, Canadian-Iranians urge human rights in Tehran – The Times of Israel
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10 Things to Know for Monday – The Tand D.com

posted : 8 hours ago

Justin Trudeau said he came to deliver a message that Alberta matters deeply to him. The Liberals have not had a seat in the province since 2006. “It’s a message that I’m proud to deliver here with a big smile as a Liberal, as a Trudeau and as a …
What was said on the campaign trail Sunday – The Flamborough Review (press release) (registration)
posted : 13 hours ago

The piece speculated on Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s election prospects and concluded: “The vote on Monday night could well raise the profile of the Great White North.” A New Yorker online item described the conflicting feelings in Canada about the …
Justin Trudeau makes final election push in Alberta, BC – Toronto Star
posted : 13 hours ago
But, talking to reporters who asked about a possible minority Liberal victory on Monday, Trudeau declined to comment on coalitions or other power-sharing arrangements with a second-place finisher. He told reporters he’s campaigning full out on the last …
John Cleese endorses Justin Trudeau via Twitter, or does he mean Maggie? – CBC.ca
posted : 14 hours ago
U.K. comedian John Cleese is the latest world celebrity to cast a vote via Twitter in Canada’s election. Cleese commented via Twitter Oct. 16, saying: “A wave at my Canadian friends … Could we have another Trudeau please?”
Trudeau appearance at Calgary Skyview campaign rally draws massive crowd – CTV News
posted : 14 hours ago
It was standing room only at the Liberals ‘Rally for Real Change Now in Calgary’ on Sunday in the northeast riding of Calgary Skyview as a scheduled Justin Trudeau appearance drew an above capacity crowd. Hundreds of people waiting outside the …
Trudeau makes push in BC and Alberta for final day on campaign trail – Ottawa Citizen
posted : 15 hours ago

CALGARY — One day away from potentially following in his father’s footsteps to the Prime Minister’s Office, Justin Trudeau sought to make amends with voters angered by his dad’s policies. The Liberal leader spent the last day of the campaign — and …
Trudeau makes push in B.C. and Alberta for final day on campaign trail – The Province
posted : 17 hours ago
CALGARY — One day away from potentially following in his father’s footsteps to the Prime Minister’s Office, Justin Trudeau sought to make amends with voters angered by his dad’s policies.
Trudeau pitches to Albertans, Quebecers

posted : 17 hours ago
… fighting for a record fourth term in office. Mr Harper has been losing support to his main challenger Justin Trudeau – the youthful leader of the Liberal Party, and also the son of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau. The BBC’s Rajini Vaidyanathan …

Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau on life with Justin: ‘We’re obviously shoulder to shoulder – CTV News
posted : 19 hours ago
Ahead of a potentially life-changing federal vote Monday, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s wife, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, says their family is ready for whatever happens when Canadians cast their ballots. In an interview broadcast on CTV’s Question …
Three families give their views on Trudeau’s tax cut plan – Toronto Star
posted : 19 hours ago
Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau wants to introduce a tax cut for middle-class Canadians by lowering tax rates to 20.5 per cent from 22 per cent on individual incomes between $44,701 and $89,401. At the same time a new 33 per cent “high-income tax bracket
Justin Trudeau’s childhood marked by privilege
posted : 20 hours ago
Until Charles came along, the descendants of Étienne Trudeau, a carpenter who arrived in Quebec in 1659 and got to work siring 14 children, had simple ambitions. For 250 years, they typically worked the family land around Napierville, south of Montreal.
Campaign notebook: Liberals retain lead, and seven-in-10 Canadians want change – The Globe and Mail
posted : 20 hours ago
The Liberals are maintaining a nine-point lead over the Conservatives in daily tracking polls in the final weekend of the campaign. Support registered by the survey has been stable since yesterday, with the Liberals winning the support of 39.1


Pollsters interviewed a random sampling of 1,091 Canadians over the age of 18 using an interactive voice response telephone survey.

Based on the total sample, results are considered accurate +/- three per cent, 19 times out of 20.-year-old son of legendary Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau leads Conservative incumbent Stephen Harper as country goes to polls


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