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A. Sauvage & wireless charging trousers
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Bringing the latest in smartphone technology to London Collections: Men 2014 is British designer A. Sauvage. Known for creating understated luxury with no nonsense tailoring, the designer has collaborated with the Microsoft Mobile Devices to produce the world’s first pair of wireless charging trousers for the Lumia 930 smartphone. Unveiled last night at LC:M by George Lamb (who features in the product’s campaign) ahead of Sauvages’s SS15 show at the BFC show space, this latest innovation in wearable technology means you can now charge your phone by simply putting it in your pocket…

Smart Skin Is Here – Transhumanism Made Easy
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“The invention is a huge step in the quest to develop electronics that seamlessly integrate with the human body and the environment.”
by Zen Gardner
The excerpt below is from a 4 part series called “game changers”. You’re not kidding, wearing your programming like skin? The big problem is people have been so conditioned to equate technological “advancement” with social betterment of some sort when it couldn’t be further from the truth.
And remember, by the time any important discovery hits mainstream news it’s already..

Meet The Eyecatcher: A Wearable That Combines Art, Fashion And Technology
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The Eyecatcher is a wearable device launched by LookSee Labs as a Kickstarter campaign. Some of its ‘eye-catching’ features include a battery life that can last for a year, customizable bracelet design, and an always-on e-ink display…

Uniqlo Sydney: Wearable technology UMood unveiled
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Courtney Webb uses the Australian-first mood reading technology unveiled at UNIQLO in Sydney’s Pitt Street mall store.
WHY choose your clothes yourself when you could get a machine to do it for you…

Cool Hunting Video: Fashion and Technology at NYFW

Cool Hunting Video: Fashion and Technology at NYFW from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.

The futuristic film classic, “Blade Runner,” promised a race “more human than human.” Transforming this slice of science-fiction into reality, Dr. Sabine Seymour (the woman behind Moondial) embodies such superhuman ideals of brain and beauty by envisioning “technology on the body as a second skin.” Heralded as a visionary, Seymour spearheaded a movement in “Fashionable Wearables”—a term Seymour uses to describe “designed garments, accessories or jewelry that combine aesthetics and style with functional technology.”…

Fashion X Technology: Ying Gao

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Montreal-based fashion designer Ying Gao merges a poetry in craftsmanship with technological curiosity. After attending university at the Haute École d’arts Appliqués in Geneva, Switzerland and pursuing a Master’s Degree in Multimedia at L’Université du Québec—where she currently holds a professor position—Gao has grown to focus her technically-charged efforts on merging clothing with technology. All in the hopes of capturing the elusive elements of nature. Gao explains, “I like to think that my garments are not gadgets, but rather design objects that have been extensively reflected upon and have a…

Fashion X Technology: Ricardo O’Nascimento
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British sci-fi author and 2001: A Space Odyssey writer Arthur C. Clarke famously claimed “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Evidently agreeing with that concept is Popkalab, an innovative platform that helps turn “What if?” into a pioneering step towards the future. Founded in the Netherlands and Brazil by new media artists and researcher Ricardo…

Fashion X Technology: Pierre Renaux
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A recent graduate from Antwerp’s esteemed Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Pierre Renaux has already amassed a transformative body of work. Renaux’s debut collection—also his Master’s thesis—”Liquidation Totale” is a futuristic love letter to his fascination with the female body and its duality. The featured garments use synthetic materials such as neoprene and plastic to depict stylized…

Fashion X Technology: Daniel Widrig

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With a background in architecture, Daniel Widrig’s designs employ cutting-edge technology and 3D modeling to create a surreal landscape of avant-garde couture, bluring the line between fashion and architecture with spectacular results. “Generally, we see quite a lot of similarities between the two disciplines,” he explains. “For us, it is quite natural to apply similar strategies when designing…

Fashion X Technology: Naim Josefi
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Blending minimalism with a touch of whimsy, Swedish designer Naim Josefi has broken new ground on the runway. Drawing comparisons to icons like Alexander McQueen, Josefi has already established himself as a name synonymous with incredible innovation. Back in 2012, Josefi won an opportunity to showcase his collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week as a winner on fashion design reality show Project Runway, and has continued to inspire and amaze. Exhibiting an innate ability to stay one step ahead of the careening fashion curve, Josefi isn’t afraid of experimenting with new materials and technology. Josefi collaborated..

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