Yelp Just Sued ‘South Park’ For 10 Million Dollars And The Show’s Response Was Hilarious


Crowd-sourced review site Yelp is suing the creators of South Park after last week’s episode lampooned the site’s users by painting them as self-important food critics… and then proceeded to compare Yelpers to members of ISIS. The suit seeks $10 million in libelous damages.

Yelp’s claims were pretty severe

yelp 1
Brilliantly, South Park actually ranked the process of getting served by Yelp’s legal team in the style of a Yelp review.

Response was on point in a way only South Park can pull off

yelp 2

It was only a matter of time before one of the butts of South Park’s jokes issued legal action on the show.
Ten years ago the program overtly dared Tom Cruise to sue after they literally put the star in a closet for an entire episode. From their response, the creators sound just as game to go to court today as they were a decade ago.

South Park Season 19 Episode 4 by jon-diaz1

Opening arguments begin November 5th

yelp 3

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