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Connie Podesta on The Five Questions You Don’t Ask Men


It never ceases to amaze me in the 25 years I have been doing the “Personality Shapes” with my audiences just how dead-on-target this entertaining, yet power assessment usually is. My audiences recognize personality traits not only in themselves, but in the people around them. But keep in mind—there is NO personality assessment that can totally and accurately describe an individual’s ever-changing, unique personality. In fact, you will probably see a little of yourself in ALL of the shapes. So, just remember—the results won’t always be exact, but they sure will be FUN!

Choose the shape below that you most fits your personality. Scroll below to learn more about each shape!

Circles Triangles Squiggles Squares


First of all, I’m honored that you are visiting my website because I know that you usually can’t stand “motivational” speakers (much too “touchy feely”). But, if you really stop and think about it, I did cover many serious issues and gave you lots of content and take-home material–you just aren’t used to having fun and learning at the same time! Well, let’s get right to the information you’re looking for because I know you have a lot of work (projects, etc.) that need your attention, and you don’t have much time to waste! Here’s what you want to know about your “square” personality. Try to have some fun with this (no one is watching, so it’s okay!).

Squares are:

Detail oriented
Dependable and responsible
Work hard
Organized–hate clutter
Love data, numbers, policies and procedures
Can be stubborn
Hesitant to change
Expressing emotion may be difficult
Best when working alone rather than on a team
See fun as a luxury
Helpful tips for squares:

Let go and have a bit more fun
Let people know what you want and what you need
Be more open to change
Try being more spontaneous

TrianglesI know you are interested in the bottom line, so let me first answer one of the questions you probably had about my “personality shapes” exercise. I don’t know why it works, but it is usually right on target. Most of my audiences agree afterwards that they did indeed pick the shape most like their dominant personality.

I know you’d like to analyze this further, but what can I say? It’s based on a personality assessment exercise I learned in graduate school in one of my psychology classes and I’ve just expanded it, added some humor, and now my audiences say it is one of their favorite parts of my presentation. So, here’s the information you want—your “triangle” personality traits. (And if you disagree with some of these — lighten up! It’s just for fun!)

Triangles are:

Bottom line
Hate to lose even more than they love to win
Extremely confident
Love to debate and argue
Can be sarcastic
Smart–know a little about everything
Like to be in charge
Love to multi-task
Rarely apologize
Helpful tips for triangles:

RELAX once in awhile
Slow down and give people a chance to get on board
Multi-tasking may keep you from finishing your projects
Give others a chance to lead
Realize that you are not always right

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CirclesDid you invite some friends over for a party, then decide to log on my site and have some fun? Or are you dying to do this exercise with your family and friends? I know you won’t keep this information yo yourself for long! I hope you had a great time listening to my presentation. Circles laugh the most, but are also the most emotional. (Come on, admit it — you are touched when you watch Hallmark and McDonalds’ commercials!)

I want to tell you how much I love the circles in my audiences. You are great fun and wonderful sports and make my job so easy. So here’s the information about your “circle” personality. Have fun and keep smiling (and don’t feel guilty because you’re having fun and spending some time on your own — your family, friends, and colleagues can get along just fine without you for awhile!).

Circles are:

Love to have fun and laugh
Work best on teams
Take things personally
Empathetic and compassionate
Great story-tellers (often exaggerates the story to make it sound better)
Want to “fix” everyone else
May give silent treatment when they feel hurt or angry
Struggle setting boundaries
Talk too much
Hate conflict and confrontation
Often feel guilty and responsible for others
Over commit–can’t say no
Helpful tips for circles:

You are responsible TO people, not FOR people.
Learn to say no without guilt
Hold others accountable
Remember you can’t always please everyone

Squiggles shape_5_sqiggle
SquigglesMy favorite group (don’t tell the other shapes I said that!). We squiggles are truly the idea people — always thinking — always coming up with new ideas. The problem is, WE DRIVE EVERYONE ELSE CRAZY! (But do we care? No!) Our minds just work differently, that’s all. We have spent a lifetime dancing to the beat of our own crazy drummer and wouldn’t have it otherwise. Most of us are creative (that’s our word for “crazy”), and we delight in tackling the world head on. We love trying new things, mainly because we get bored so easily, however, we don’t always follow through and finish all those projects.

By the way, congratulations on finding my website because you probably forgot my name and lost the handout with my address on it and had to call a circle or triangle to get the information, so I’m delighted that you finally discovered me!

Squiggles are:

Like to be around people who are fun
Adapt easily to change
Super energetic
Love to try new things
Get bored easily
Shoot from the hip—don’t always research first
Idea generators
Not as organized as they should be
Speak before they think
Don’t like to be told what to do
Like atention
Helpful tips for squiggles:

SLOW DOWN– otherwise you miss necessary details
Listen rather than plan on what you’re saying next
Some situations require seriousness rather than fun
Focus on the topic at hand


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