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As at the 2nd of March, just 10 days into the campaign, the progress total was already in excess of $US4million. More than 9.700 people had already contributed, (including Tastyhoney.com).

Certainly the claims the Anderson’s are making for their FlowTM hives are incredible.
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“Turn a tap and watch as pure, fresh, clean honey flows right out of the hive and into your jar. No mess, no fuss, no expensive processing equipment and the bees are hardly even disturbed.”

But the claims are backed up, not just by videos posted on You tube, but also by a range of endorsements and testimonials by apiarists, scientists and bee-keepers.
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A website at www. honeyflow.com, with both photographs, and with answers to frequently asked questions is also helping to convince the many sceptics.

It seems that the Anderson’s have been working on their invention for nearly a decade, and were careful not to release it to the world until it has been proven to work.

The essence of the invention, and the new concept they’ve developed, is in the frames that go into the hive.

Made of plastic, the frames are slightly larger than usual for a Langstroth hive with full-depth supers. They incorporate sheets of cells that split vertically down the middle with a twist of the handle.
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Honey stored in the cells then flows down to a collector base at the bottom of the frames, from where it can easily be drained out.

According to the Anderson’s, the bees appear not overly disturbed by the splitting of the cells and the loss of their honey stores.
Indeed, once the cells have been restored to normal shape by twisting the handle in reverse, the bees are said to readily refill the cells with honey.

Equally important, the cells are said to be slightly deeper than normal, thereby discouraging the queen from laying in them.

Even so, as the comments on the Youtube video reveal, there are still plenty of sceptics.

Doubtless controversy will continue to rage until supplies of the frames reach early buyers later this year.
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