Our Magazines Statistics as Of November 1st 2015

AS OF 1st November 2015 PAGES READ:223,279,189
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Innovative unique Digital Magazine introducing the future of Internet entertainment. The Magazine was split from Liberallifestyles.com on November 14, 2011. It is what we are calling the future of Entertainment on the Internet. We are still adding categories and discovering new things. Your suggestions and input are welcome. Hope you all keep coming back,  book mark us and tell your friends about this unique Digital Magazine. We owe you our visitors this great success . Thank you

We Want Sexual Freedom is an adult Digital Entertainment Magazine for the Human race. It Contains 52 categories, we cater to a Straight International audience as well as LGBT.
We do not do banners or popups we do guest articles, native, sponsored, advertorials, content advertising. We use text, photos videos and Links in our ads.

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We are :
Created and Owned By: Cart-Aide Inc.
3520 Ave Du Parc, Montreal, QC Canada H2X-2H7


Contact: [email protected]
Phone: 514 2883632
Skype: markmarknader

STATISTICS AS OF November/2015
Pages: 223,279,189
Unique Visitors:30,528,777

18-24 22%
25-34 23%
35-44 23%
45-54 21%
55-64 11%

Males: 55%
Females: 45%

No College 13%
Some College 23%
College 32%
Graduate School 32%

$0 – $30K 3%
$30K – $60K 31%
$60K – $100K 32%
$100K+ 34%

Number of Posts 36,903
Number of Categories 52/ Magazine

Number of countries visiting: 237
Best International Rank: 119,433
Best Rank in USA: 92,217
Best Rank in Canada 4,861

Number of Hits: as of 1/11/2015 are :393,240,642
Average Visit Duration 19.56 minutes

Returning Visitors 50%

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Dear Advertiser If you Agree to Advertise with us
Our Content Advertising Structure in Our Two(2) Magazines Are As Follows:

Level 1
Photos 4
Text 250 words
Links 2
Video 1

Level 2
Photos 5-7
Links 4
Video 3
Text 500 words
e.g http://www.wewantsexualfreedom.com/?p=52456

Level 3
Photos 12-16
Videos 5-6
Links 5-6
Text 2000 words
e.g http://www.liberallifestyles.com/?p=129187

Level 4
Photos 25-30
Videos 8
Links 6-8
Text 5000 words
e.g http://www.liberallifestyles.com/?p=128146

Please Note Video Duration 30 seconds to 5 minutes
For other formats or special design kindly contact us for best rates on the net.
[email protected]

Rates Available on Demand,Starting from $150 and Up
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This e-Magazine is owned by a non profit educational organisation and claims no credit for any images posted on this site unless otherwise noted. Images on this emagazine belong to its respectful owners.If the photo is credited we usually give the photographer or owner credit. If there is an image appearing on this magazine that belongs to you and you do not wish for it appear on this site, please E-mail with a link to said image and it will promptly be credited or removed.

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