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Foxtrott aka Marie-Helene Delorme is Montreal’s latest musical star. Unlike many, she not only writes and sings her work, but produces it too. With her debut album A Taller Us is due out on November 20th through One Little Indian,

MH Delorme’s one-woman project might initially seem like delicious, sweet, and synthy ear candy but when she pulls out the beats and sprinkles in some samples, her songs deepen in complexity as dance-pop meets hip hop.

2015 has not been starved of great pop albums: from seminal releases produced by iconic stars, to underground and independent hits from debutant artists.
Foxtrott joins the latter pack with this, her terrific first studio album, A Taller Us.

Jaunty, clanking pop sees the album in by way of “Driven”, the track from which this album’s title is taken. It’s immediately clear Foxtrott, aka singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Marie-Helene Delorme, is far from ordinary.
The track pulls from the electro pop quarter to draw comparison to more experimental artists such as LoneLady,Bernard + Edith and even Micachu & the Shapes.

An underlying dance influence also runs throughout A Taller Us, thanks largely to Foxtrott’s unorthodox rhythmic patterns. This is by no means a coincidence. Delorme has spoken before of her goal to “find the perfect balance between rhythms and frequencies” – something that here translates to a comprehensive and intriguing study.
Foxtrott evidently likes to make and break boundaries within the ordinarily restrictive category of pop music. Consequently A Taller Us doesn’t transcend genres, rather seamlessly blends multiple varieties into one. It’s impossible to pigeonhole Foxtrott’s style of sound, but songs like “Untake Me” and closer “Shaky Hands” are also insatiably familiar and accessible.

Away from the dominant instrumentation, Delorme’s vocal also deserves a mention. She is that rare breed of vocalist that’s able to effortlessly team up with a synth, while remaining inherently punk.
There’s a hiccupped hysteria to her cords that can occasionally call to mind the smooth chant of Carrie Brownstein. Her voice takes centre stage on “Mountains Rose High”, which would be considered acapella were it not for the odd handclap and keyboard line.

A Taller Us is undeniably a fantastic, albeit late contribution to 2015. It’s likely many will overlook Delorme come end of year lists, if only because her presence isn’t well recognised on the UK scene yet. We’ll be doing everything we can to rectify that situation.
Release: 20th November 2015,THIS FRIDAY on One Little Indian Records in North America (Dec 4th in Europe)
MONTREAL PPLE: Come celebrate with Foxtrott on Friday at PHI Center, doors at 8 PM.

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