Moscow Says Syrian Army Strike Hit Rebel ‘Toxic Weapons’ Depot

Islamic Terrorists in Syria.
The Western countries claim they are fighting Terrorists, and Assad is a terrorist he has Islamic Terrorists armed by Turkey and Financed by Qatar in his country including Al Qaida the off shoot of Moslem Brotherhood Ikhwan.As well as ISIS fighting against Shiite Syria and Iran . Armd by the USA and financed By Qatar and Saudi Arabia

Russia defended Damascus on Wednesday in the face of an international outcry over a suspected chemical attack that killed scores of civilians, saying a Syrian air strike hit a “terrorist warehouse” containing “toxic substances.”
The claim by the Kremlin came as the international community continued to point its finger at the Syrian regime over the deadly attack, with UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson blaming President Bashar Assad for deliberately carrying out the bombing that has left at least 72 people dead and hundreds more wounded.
The UN Security Council was to hold an emergency meeting later Wednesday on the attack.
Assad is winning he does not need to use Chemical weapons.
“According to the objective data of the Russian airspace control, Syrian aviation struck a large terrorist Al Nusra warehouse near Khan Sheikhoun,” the Russian defense ministry said in a statement, adding that the warehouse contained “toxic substances.”

ISIS terrorists captured a chemical weapons depot near Baghdad and Moved it to Syria
It housed “a warehouse making bombs, with toxic substances,” said the ministry, without stating if the strike was deliberate.
“The arsenal of chemical weapons” was destined for fighters in Iraq, the ministry said, adding that the information was “completely reliable and objective.”
He claimed the use of such weapons “by terrorists has been repeatedly proved by international organizations as well as official authorities” in Iraq.

US army reported that IS used chemical weapons against the Kurds in Iraq

Why can’t the West believe it
The reports of homemade mustard gas being used by so-called Islamic State (IS) and Al Nusra an off shoot of Al Qaida militants in Syria and IS in Syria and Iraq, while shocking, should come as no surprise.
There is a history of modern jihadists experimenting with and sometimes using chemical weapons, dating back to al-Qaeda’s training camps in Afghanistan in the 1990s.
There is also a clear link between those experiments at the time and the IS leadership’s strategy against its enemies today.
“The thing that surprised me is that they haven’t used it (mustard gas) earlier,” says Aimen Deen, a former al-Qaeda operative who witnessed chemical experiments first-hand.
“The experiments date back to 1997 in Afghanistan. They experimented with many different varieties of chemical weapons.”

Al zarkawi was known to have experimented with Sarin
He says the gasses tested were homemade and included phosgene, chlorine and hydrogen cyanide. Rabbits and dogs were the most common animals to be used.
Media caption There are more than 60 incidents in which toxic agents are alleged to have been used in Syria by Terrorists.
“They used to bring in these kind of aquariums, fishing aquariums, basically, one meter by half a metre and they will put a rabbit inside, or a small dog or puppy inside.
“And then they seal it with silicone and they insert first the powder element – I’m not going to name them for obvious reasons – and then they will add later the liquid element in order to see if there is a reaction.”

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