Ferrari Building SUV Despite Promise Never To Do So Ferrari SUV Will Arrive In 2021

by Adam Lynton and By Clifford Atiyeh
The world has finally gone crossover mad. With Luca di Montesemolo at the helm of Ferrari, an SUV wearing a Prancing Horse badge was never going to happen. But ever since he stepped aside and FCA boss Sergio Marchionne took over the reins of the Italian carmaker, it became a distinct possibility. Car Magazine is now reporting that Ferrari has succumbed to buyers’ insatiable demand for crossovers and is actively working on a soft-roader. More details will be provided in the mag’s July edition, and for the record Ferrari denies the model is an SUV despite it being exactly that.

A Ferrari SUV Will Arrive In 2021
Codenamed F16X, the off-roading supercar will be built alongside the GTC4 Lusso’s successor, and go up against the likes of the Lamborghini Urus and Aston Martin DBX when it hits the streets in 2021. We’ve seen renderings of a Ferrari crossover before, but Car Mag has penned its own interpretation, courtesy of artist Andrei Avarvarii, based on its assumption that it will be “a five-door, high-riding coupe.”

Project F16X will be twinned with Ferrari’s shooting brake replacement that will arrive in 2020, utilizing the same all-wheel-drive system and aluminum architecture.

A Ferrari SUV Will Arrive In 2021
It will stand taller than the next-gen FF/Lusso, with suicide rear doors and no B-pillars, providing easy access to the rear. Power will come from a V8 gasoline or indeed a hybrid unit – Car says there’ll be no V12 option – which will make it the first gas-electric Ferrari since the LaFerrari. Carrying a price tag in the region of $350,000, the Ferrari 4×4 will help the firm double sales to around 16,000 units a year by the start of the next decade.

By Clifford Atiyeh
Jennifer Shonberger reports on Ferrari’s split from Fiat Chrysler, plan to go public and major US competition

Enzo Ferrari would never have placed his name on a high-riding 4×4, but today there are too many people who want a prancing horse on their next SUV.

According to Britain’s Car Magazine, Ferrari has approved development of its first-ever SUV, a vehicle the company had promised to never build. While the news isn’t official, a Ferrari SUV won’t be without precedent. Since 2011, Ferrari has sold the FF (renamed GTC4Lusso), an all-wheel drive supercar with a hatchback and fold-down seats. Car Magazine says the new SUV would replace that model in 2020.

It’s also believable since Ferrari became a publicly-traded company in 2015 and separated from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). Despite Ferrari’s independence, FCA shareholders and Piero Ferrari (Enzo’s last surviving son) control 90 percent of the Italian automaker. FCA and Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne wants more popular SUVs and crossovers to boost sales, and as Ferrari is still a cash cow for FCA, a Ferrari SUV would strike oil.

Plus, the competition among ultra-luxury SUVs is heating up.

Rolls-Royce and

Lamborghini will release 12-cylinder SUVs by the decade’s end,

while the 187-mph Bentley Bentayga is the world’s fastest SUV.

Mercedes-Benz sells a 621-horsepower army truck, the AMG G65, for more than $220,000. At the sub-$100,000 level,

the Maserati Levante,

Alfa Romeo Stelvio,

and Jaguar F-Pace are all sleek, fast SUVs from traditional sports car companies. Porsche started the craze with its 2003 Cayenne, and now the automaker sells two SUVs that are more popular than its legendary 911.

Today’s world—or rather, the world where everyone piles into the family Gulfstream—needs a Ferrari SUV.

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