Egypt Fights LGBT Terrorists Who Raised the Rainbow Flag At a Concert.

Accordiing to the Egyptian Government this Flag is a lethal weapon of Mass destruction.
We think the Sissy government is attempting to divert public opinion from the failure to controlling real terrorist and the bad economic situation the country is in by arresting the very dangerous rainbow flag wavers.Go fight real terrorists.

Egyptian Police Arresting the terrorists Rainbow Flag wavers
The Rainbow flag Terrorists case enters a new twist by accusing Ahmad Alaa and Sarah Hegazi of forming a group a terrrorist group sympathizing with LGBT.

Sarah Hegazi. Threatens the Country’s Stability
We at and Demand the release of one of our writers and contributors Sarah Hegazi. Sarah is a liberal writer and is not a lesbian and even if she was, it is no reason to have her arrested and jailed for 15 days. She has been physically attacked and sexually molested in Sayeda Zeinab jail by other prisoners with the encouragement of the guards.

Ahmed Alaa. Rainbow Flag terrorist.
Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International urge Cairo to end crackdown on people suspected of homosexuality.Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International also urged Egypt, to call off the anal examination of people detained on suspicion of homosexuality to determine whether they were engaged in same-sex sexual relations.

The systematic arrest and jail of any free voice in the EL Sissy Government has taken on the gays as the new Terrorists that will destroy Egypt. It would be better for Egypt to deal with real the terrorists that they cannot control instead of the diversion of public opinion towards the very dangerous rainbow flag waving terrorists.

ISIS Terrorists in Sinai,and

The Moslem Brotherhood terrorists Hasm in the interior of the country who both are armed and kill soldiers and Christians and innocent people and leave the sexual orientation of peaceful citizens whose crime is waving a Rainbow Flag alone. They are not armed and dangerous.


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