Women’s Bodies Are a Battleground For Community Conflict. أجساد النساء ساحة للصراع المجتمعي

By Sarah Hegazy

Today and in the past – the women’s body is an example of shame and disgrace, the Arab family has placed its honor and morality in a female body.

That vague body! I do not know who owns it? The female is the one who owns her body or is it the family, the parents, the school, the clergy, politicians and society?

Do I need to be beautiful to attract males suitors and a husband? If I’m not beautiful Should I want to be beautiful? What if I’m an ugly face? !! Do I need to live on a planet other than earth?

The Arab family today is as concerned about its women, as it is about preserving what is between her legs. The echo of the word “woman” is the “sex”. Women become the sexual tool, women are the “force” – the weakest.

The girl’s body is the great arena of wars

In the past, states used to treat each other with a kind of pride and power, the caliphs of the Islamic state. In the past, Egypt was not in a position to refuse obedience. The caliph’s soldiers entered Egypt, raped women and got their prized virgin’s hymen. Today, what a Muslim loves is a Christian woman. It is preached it is a Victory for Islam !!Because he married a woman, in Christian faith – when a Muslim marry a Christian who ends up with a sectarian catastrophe of being disowned by her family because the woman is the king of religion alone.

Today, the state is consolidating the idea that women’s bodies do not belong to them. The state today subject women and their ownership through the patriarchal system. In Friday sermons, the cleric and the sheikh start to repeat in the minds of the worshipers and listeners that it is of the fundamentals of religion to preserve your daughters and women and subject them to your advice command and total obedience.

My body as a girl today is a war between morality and ethics – my moral today stands on the threshold of “what I wear” not according to my treatment of the other – my moral today is the length of the cloth, and is my hair covered.

The elders, clergymen and religious leaders have decided to place other restrictions on women’s heads,necks, arms and legs by saying: No nationhood without a Muslim woman who upholds the law of God, or another great saying that shows obedience by saying “the orders of God is when women are hidden” – in this case society flourishes, Only when “women are humiliated and have their bodies hidden” at this moment will God be pleased with us.

The state also treats women as being cheaper labor than male workers, “even if women are better and more efficient.” The environment is not ready to welcome women. The journey begins with the women is a body, and the women and their bodies are in the workplace. Women are cornered at home,”cornered” in the street – “cornered ” in the work – “cornered” to any public place where you sit.

Some males in the Arab societies, despite their attempts to abandon the culture of their society with its outdated customs and traditions – and to stay away from the literal text of the religions – it is sad that they have not yet fallen and or fell in the test of principles – most of their sessions consist of the number of women they possess! Or show off his woman as one of his or family’s possessions or trophy of ownership.
It remains a pity forever – the residues of Arab Muslem culture in the actions of the Arab male, and the other party in that war on the body of women.
The result of the conflict on the body of women?

The girl of the Arab world today has ended – either the victim of a religious authoritarian patriarchal society turns her into a “masculine, butch lesbian, tougher and stronger than the men themselves” – or a girl trying to free herself from the constraints of society “and she gets expelled from the community’s paradise” – or a girl freed from the constraints of society even theoretically – but remained locked in the “fear of her body” afraid of being touched by anyone.

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