Con Artists – They steal from you by sneaking in through your emotions instead of through your window…

…But they can only con you if you let them in. So, you would be wise to have an understanding of how their minds work and why they do what they do.

You would be wise because once you have been conned, quite possibly the police will not help you since your close connection with the con artist may make it difficult to prove fraud. They may tell you it is a civil matter and recommend that you get an attorney. That means you will have to throw good money after bad. And the anger and hurt you will feel by the betrayal will be with you for a long time. Not only is your money gone, your heart broken and your time wasted, but you know the con artist is somewhere having a good time spending your money and maybe even laughing at your stupidity.

Sad as it is, your “stupidity” may have just been old-fashioned caring and concern for a down-and-out person who touched your heart or it may have been a common sense business plan that would have benefited you and the con artist or a deep romantic love for the soul mate you thought you had finally found. You may have actually signed a contract of some kind to “protect” yourself. But that contract only has value if the other party is a legitimate business person with assets and an address. The contract may turn out to be the only reason the police won’t go after the con artist because the contract “validates” the civil issue.

Why are some people easily conned and others aren’t? The most common reasons are vulnerability, genuine good heartedness or susceptibility to get-rich-quick schemes.

(1) Vulnerability is the unlocked window through which con artists climb into your confidence. This vulnerability usually involves loneliness or desperation regarding money, such as being heavily indebted or having business financial problems. Another common vulnerability is just being unhappy with one’s life and looking for a quick and easy way to improve it. Vulnerability opens a person to the kindness or cleverness of strangers and often clouds a logical mind with the haziness of hope and promises.

(2) Like an innocent child trusting an adult who emotionally damages them for life, good-hearted people are sitting ducks for con artists. How can you tell a genuinely loving person to be suspicious of everyone? You might as well acknowledge that there is no hope for true human goodness.

(3) Getting rich quick has become a national pastime as state lotteries and casino gambling burgeon all over the country and unsophisticated investors used the stock market as a roulette wheel in the ’90’s. So, it is hard to judge people like the victim who withdrew $5,000 from her checking account to give to perfect strangers in a bank parking lot. She thought the “investment” she was making to a foreign charity would make her a quick profit. Instead, she ended up with a bag full of shredded newspaper and a life-time memory of betrayal by two men whose names she didn’t even know.

By definition, when you are conned it means you had a personal relationship with the con artist. They convinced you that they would do something for you – something that would benefit you. They looked you right in the eyes and said, “Trust me,” and you did.

And don’t think that just because you have an education you are too smart to be fooled by a con artist. Department of Justice studies show that people with some college or a college degree are the most susceptible to con artist scams.

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