The Story of What Happened In The Oases … How Did the Gunmen (Terrorists) Kill The Elite Officers OF the Interior?

By Mohamed Mamdouh
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A number of special forces in the Ministry of the Interior
The attack, the move, the ambush, so complete the power of the ambush, interruption of communication, and air intervention, to save the remaining “officer and 4 soldiers.”

What happened on the Friday of October 20 in the desert of the oasis (365 kilometers to the south-west of Giza) is the most painful blow. As of the writing of this report, 18 officers and soldiers – from the Special Operations Forces and the ” In the Egyptian internal forces, “the strength of military force” sent to control a group of gunmen in the desert of the oases, all but “officer and four soldiers” were killed in an ambush prepared by “unknown” gunmen.

(Note: any change in the number of deaths increased or decreased due to the lack of transparency, and the absence of official statements on the number of dead and injured from the parties concerned).

Details of the incident
According to the security sources of newspapers and news agencies, a report reached the Ministry of the Interior about a camp of gunmen in the desert of the oases, and ordered the elite “elite” of special operations and national security to engage with the armed group and control, and that once the arrival of the security force discovered that they were ambushed , And killed all but the sources said they survived one “officer and four recruits.”

Security precedents
This incident is the most important since the two incidents of apartment bombardment on January 23, 2016, in the pyramid, killing three civilians and two officers and three police officers, while wounding 12 people during an attempt to control the gunmen, as well as the incident of the force of the Department of Helwan in August 2016 to ambush On one of the roads and stopped by an armed group and killed “eight officers and recruits of police,” and announced the State Organization “calling” for an inquiry of the responsibility for the two incidents.

Not the first time
On the same pattern, a group of the Egyptian army in the desert of the oases on 31 May last ambushed an armed group, during an incursion into a camp for militants, and killed during the intrusion 4 officers in a bomb explosion.

According to a statement by the Egyptian army, the dead were killed in the explosion of an explosive belt left by gunmen after being targeted by air during an operation near the town of Bweiti, located in the southern outskirts of the oases.

The killing of the four Egyptian soldiers after about a week of an attack on the Copts were heading to a monastery in the area of ​​Edwa, Minya province, and the attack killed 29 people, and adopted by the organization of the Islamic state, “Dahesh.”

Prior to these incidents, near the desert of “Oasis” also, an ambush security of the army in the area of ​​Farafra, “100 kilometers from the desert of the oases,” the attack on July 19, 2014 – later adopted by the organization, “Daash” – killing 21 conscripts of the Border Guard force , Used light weapons, explosive belts, grenades and RPGs.

According to a statement by the military spokesman of the army, the explosion of the ammunition store was the cause of the deaths of soldiers, because all the ammunition boxes burned and with tapes of emptying as it is, and that the ambush was a complete secret belonging to one of the battalions of the armed forces.

In the past two years repeated air strikes from the army for what it described as attempts to penetrate the western border, in August 2015, the Egyptian army announced the death of four members of the air force after the plane crashed while chasing gunmen near the oasis of Siwa in Western Sahara.

A Mexican tourist group was also hit in September 2015 by an Egyptian air strike, in which 12 tourists and an Egyptian crew were killed. The army justified that the regiment did not inform the military that it intended to enter a restricted area of ​​militant activity.

On July 5, press reports said the Egyptian air force mistakenly killed three people, a “road engineer and two workers” after their car was bombed, next to a water well in the oases area.

In a press statement, an army spokesman said the Interior Ministry was to discuss the matter. He did not confirm or deny the incident.

Analysis of the incident
First, according to the security accounts, what happened was not a chase, but a clash and confrontation, and that what was said about the communiqué of the presence of this armed group is concerned with two things, either passing the information to the Ministry of the Interior “Mendes” and participating with this armed group in the process of deception and “lure” This group prepared for this confrontation and that the monitoring elements of the police were surprised to be present at the scene of the incident to “lure” the security force while preparing to ambush and eliminate them.

Second, the security sources said that the delay in air support and the payment of support groups was due to the weakness of the communications network. This is illogical. The Egyptian police have special frequencies on “wireless”. The technical efficiency of the police communications devices is supposed to be prepared for any geographic nature, , Or have hills blocking normal and wireless police networks, unless there is a technical malfunction in the police network.

Thirdly, it is usual for raids and prosecutions, consisting of combat groups and multiple combat support of at least 150 officers and conscripts, “high in weapons and combat capabilities.” According to the security sources, the force consisted of 25 officers and recruits, 18 of whom were killed, An officer and four recruits survived, and this has two interpretations. First, a misjudgment by the Interior Department of the number and arming of the armed group; and secondly, those who reported to the police about the size of this group were deceived and co-opted.

Was it Daesh (ISIS) the Almorabetoun (Moslem Brotherhood) or a third unknown group of Terrrorist?
Many of the armed operations that took place in the Egyptian Western Sahara were announced by the state organization “Da’ash”ISIS, but some in the recent “oases” incident indicate the possibility of organizing the “Almorabetoun” led by the former Egyptian police Captain Hisham Ashmawi, The organization of the supporters of the House of Jerusalem ( Beit Al Makdas) before splitting – an organization that claimed to advocate later and called itself the mandate of Sinai -, but its operations are the least, for some reason.
The organization includes “Ashmawi” a number of former officers, including Emad Eddin Ahmed Mahmoud Abdel Hamid, “and Yusuf Suleiman Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed Khalil.

There is a third perception of the person responsible for the operation of the Oases, which is the involvement of former police officers who joined the Islamic state organization “Da’ash.” This is supported by the fact that a year and a half ago, the Egyptian police accused five officers of being involved in preparing an ambush for the Helwan Department of Investigation. They were employed in the central security sector by the Special Operations teams, registered as officers of the Abdul Raouf sector. They had extensive experience in shooting and fitness. The Interior Ministry deployed their photographs to facilitate their arrest but has not yet arrested any of them.

In 2014, the Interior Ministry arrested Sameh Ahmed Esmat al-Muhseni, a colonel in the road and bridge security department of Qalioubiya Security Directorate, who was accused of joining the Ansar al-Maqdis group. The accused admitted in the investigation that he was with the Ansar al-Maqdis The organization also provided information on the Ministry of the Interior, security directorates and the names of a number of national security officers, heads of intelligence and security leaders.

On November 20, 2016, Attorney General Nabil Sadiq announced the involvement of some former police officers in the assassination attempt on President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who had disappeared from their homes and had been out of work for a considerable period approaching a year and a half. Sinai, or joining the cell led by former army officer Hisham Ashmawi known as “Almorabetoun cell,” especially that Ashmawi was behind the assassination of former Attorney General Hisham Barakat and the assassination attempt on former Interior Minister Mohammed Ibrahim.

Some have ruled out the involvement of the revolutionary organization and the revolution brigade. The first is that they rely on the idea of ​​surprise, attacking low concentrations, or booby-traps, not equal fighting, and their weak weapons and combat capabilities. Over their operations in the past three months.

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