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James Gandolfini

Gandolfini 1Sept11TIFF
James Joseph Gandolfini, Jr. (September 18, 1961 – June 19, 2013) was an American actor best known for his role in The Sopranos as Tony Soprano, a troubled crime boss struggling to balance his family life and career in the Mafia. Gandolfini garnered enormous praise for this role, winning both the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series and Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series three times. Gandolfini’s other roles include the woman-beating Mob henchman Virgil in True Romance, enforcer/stuntman Bear in Get Shorty, and the impulsive Wild Thing Carol in Where the Wild Things Are.
Gandolfini produced the 2007 documentary Alive Day Memories: Home from Iraq, in which he interviewed 10 injured Iraq War veterans. His second documentary was released in 2010;Wartorn: 1861–2010 analyzes posttraumatic stress disorder and its impact on soldiers and families through several wars in American history, from 1861 to 2010. TV Guide ranked him 28 on its “50 Sexiest Stars of All Time” list in 2005.

Early life
Gandolfini was born in Westwood, New Jersey. His mother, Santa, a high school lunch lady, was born in the USA of Italian ancestry and raised in Naples, Italy. His father, James Joseph Gandolfini, Sr., a native of Borgotaro, Italy, was a bricklayer and cement mason and was later the head custodian at Paramus Catholic High School in New Jersey. James, Sr. earned a Purple Heart in World War II. Gandolfini’s parents were devout Roman Catholics and spoke Italian at home. Due to the influence of his parents, Gandolfini developed a strong sense of being Italian and regularly visited Italy.
Gandolfini grew up in Park Ridge and graduated from Park Ridge High School in 1979, where he played basketball, acted in school plays, and was awarded the title “Class Flirt” in his senior yearbook. He attained a Bachelor of Artsdegree in communication studies from Rutgers University, where he worked as a bouncer at an on-campus pub. Gandolfini also worked as a bartender and club manager prior to his acting career. Gandolfini was introduced to acting as a young man living in New York City, when he accompanied friend Roger Bart to a Meisner technique acting class.

The Sopranos
Gandolfini’s most acclaimed role was that of Tony Soprano, a New Jersey Mafia boss and family man who was the lead character in the HBO drama The Sopranos, which debuted in 1999 and ran through 2007. He won three Emmys for “Best Actor in a Drama” for his depiction of Soprano, who constantly questions his identity and purpose. Entertainment Weekly listed him as the 42nd Greatest TV Icon of All Time.

Film and stage work
Gandolfini performed in a 1992 Broadway production of On the Waterfront for six weeks. One of his best-known film roles was that of Virgil, a brutal woman-beating mob enforcer, in the 1993 romantic thriller True Romance. Gandolfini said that one of his major inspirations for the role of Virgil, in True Romance, was an old friend of his who was a hitman. In the 1994 film Terminal Velocity, Gandolfini played Ben Pinkwater, a seemingly mild-mannered insurance man who turns out to be a violent Russian mobster. In Get Shorty (1995), he appeared as a bearded ex-stuntman with a Southern accent, and in The Juror (1996), he played a mob enforcer with a conscience. He played the Mayor of New York in the 2009 remake of The Taking of Pelham 123.
Gandolfini returned to HBO in 2007 as the executive producer of the Emmy-nominated documentary special, Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq, his first project after The Sopranos and the first production for his company Attaboy Films, which was opened in 2006 with producing partner Alexandra Ryan. He returned to the stage in 2009, appearing in Broadway’s God of Carnage with Marcia Gay Harden, Hope Davis and Jeff Daniels.
He was executive producer of the 2012 HBO film about Ernest Hemingway and his relationship with Martha Gellhorn, titled Hemingway & Gellhorn, starring Clive Owen and Nicole Kidman. Gandolfini reunited with Sopranos creator David Chase for Not Fade Away (2012), a music-driven production set in 1960s New Jersey, and the latter’s feature film debut.
Alive Day: Home from Iraq

gandolfini 2SopranosKuwaitUSO
Gandolfini and Tony Sirico visit with a member of the U.S. Air Force during a USOvisit to Southwest Asia, March 31, 2010
In 2007, Gandolfini produced a documentary with HBO focused on injured Iraq War veterans and their devotion to America, while surveying the physical and emotional costs of war. Ten surviving soldiers were interviewed by Gandolfini, who revealed their thoughts on the challenges they face integrating back into society and family life. They also reflected on the memories of the day when they narrowly escaped death, and what life may have been like in other circumstances.
Wartorn: 1861–2010
In 2010, Gandolfini produced another documentary with HBO, which analyzed the effects of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) throughout American history, from 1861 to 2010. It featured interviews with American military officials on their views of PTSD and how they are trying to help soldiers affected by it. Letters from soldiers of the American Civil War and World War I who were affected by PTSD are examined, along with interviews with soldiers affected by PTSD and their families.
Personal life

Cleared for release by Joint Staff Public Affairs
Gandolfini with Rose McGowan in Kuwait, March 31, 2010
Gandolfini maintained ties with his Park Ridge hometown by supporting its The October woman Foundation for Breast Cancer Research. He appeared at its annual October banquet and often brought other Sopranos cast members to help draw larger crowds. He resided in New York City, and owned a lot on the Lake Manitoba Narrows. In 2009 Gandolfini purchased a home in the hills of Tewksbury Township, New Jersey, U.S.

On August 30, 2008, after two years of dating, Gandolfini married former model Deborah Lin, who was forty years old at the time, in her hometown of Honolulu, Hawaii. Their daughter, Liliana Ruth Gandolfini, was born in Los Angeles, California, in the U.S., in October 2012. Gandolfini was also father to a teenage son named Michael, who is a child from the actor’s former marriage to Marcy Wudarski, from whom he divorced in December 2002.
Gandolfini’s sister, Johanna Antonacci, is the manager of the Family Division of the New Jersey Superior Court in Hackensack, New Jersey. A fan of motorcycles, Gandolfini owned a Harley-Davidson and a Vespa scooter. On May 4, 2006, he was riding the Vespa in New York City traffic when it was hit by a taxi cab, resulting in knee surgery which postponed for three months the filming of the final Sopranos episodes.

Gandolfini died suddenly on June 19, 2013 in Rome, Italy, during a brief vacation, as he was expected to travel to Sicily on June 22 where he was scheduled to receive an award at the Taormina Film Fest. Following a day of sightseeing in Rome in sweltering heat, Gandolfini was discovered around 10 pm local time on the bathroom floor at the Boscolo Exedra Hotel in Rome’s Piazza della Repubblica by his 13-year-old son Michael. Michael quickly called hotel reception, who in turn called emergency paramedics. Ambulance staff arrived around 10:40 pm and made efforts to resuscitate Gandolfini, who was reportedly still alive at the hotel, but subsequently died on the way to the hospital. An autopsy on Gandolfini confirmed that he had died of a heart attack.

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فيلم مجانين نص كوم Short Sleeved Lunatics

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US ambassador to Egypt under fire from opposition and Nationalists groups is Removed. GOOD RIDDANCE

Anne Patterson 3_ambassador_2011 (1)
News of the removal the USA ambassador to Cairo has been received with cheers and relief of the Ikhwan supporting Ambassador.
Goood Riddence
The U.S. ambassador to Egypt is under fire from opposition groups who were angered by her criticism this week of planned mass rallies against the ruling Muslim Brotherhood has been removed from her Position in Cairo.
Anne Patterson, the U.S. ambassador to Egypt will become assistant secretary of state for Near East affairs
Anne Patterson responded to widespread talk among Egyptian liberals that Washington had thrown its weight behind President Mohamed Mursi by saying in a speech on Tuesday that the United States was working closely with the elected government and also listening to all Egypt’s political groups.
But by Thursday, after extensive local media coverage of her remarks and condemnation by opposition leaders of “interference” in Egypt’s internal affairs, social media was dominated by angry and hostile comments directed toward Patterson and her embassy.
Among the more polite, tycoon Naguib Sawiris tweeted: “Madam Ambassador, … Please bless us with your silence.”
Groups involved in promoting demonstrations for June 30 aimed at pushing Mursi to step down a year after he took office, rejected her suggestion they risked further violence and would be better engaged in improving their electoral organisations.
“This is the government that you and your fellow citizens elected,” she said. “Even if you voted for others, I don’t think the elected nature of this government is seriously in doubt.
“The United States took the position that we would work with whoever won elections that met international standards.”
Of the planned protests, she said: “Egypt needs stability to get its economic house in order, and more violence on the streets will do little more than add new names to the lists of martyrs. Instead, I recommend Egyptians get organised.
“Join or start a political party that reflects your values and aspirations. Egyptians need to know a better path forward. This will take time. You will have to roll up your sleeves and work hard.”
Patterson also spoke of what she called “conspiracy theories” that Washington connived to topple Mubarak in 2011 and replace him with the Brotherhood, with which U.S. diplomats had long maintained contact while it was banned and in opposition.
“Such speculation is groundless,” she said.

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تغيير السفيرة الأميركية في القاهرة Secretary of state to Remove Ambassador Anne Patterson from Cairo

anne Patterson 2
ذكرت صحيفة “الوفد” المصرية، الجمعة 21 يونيو/حزيران، أن وزير الخارجية الأميركي سيصدر حركة تغييرات في الأماكن الرئيسية في الشرق الأوسط، وتأتي في مقدمتها عودة السفيرة الأميركية بالقاهرة، آن باترسون، للعمل في مقر وزارة الخارجية بواشنطن في منصب مساعدة الوزير لشؤون الشرق الأدنى.
ورجحت “الوفد”، استناداً إلى مصادر، أن يأتي تغيير باترسون بعد سلسلة التصريحات التي صدرت عنها خلال الأشهر القليلة الماضية، وأثارت موجة من الغضب في الشارع المصري بسبب تدخلها السافر في الشؤون الداخلية، ومحاولة إملاء الأوامر وفرض الوصاية على التحركات الجماهيرية ضد الإخوان.
وكانت تلك التصريحات مثار نقاش خلال جلسات استماع عقدها الكونغرس الأميركي حول الشأن المصري، كما وردت الإشارة إليها في تقارير عدة تم رفعها إلى صناع القرار في الإدارة الأميركية.
وأثارت تصريحات باترسون الداعمة للإخوان أيضاً ردود أفعال واسعة النطاق في شبكات التواصل الاجتماعي.
جدير بالذكر أن ستيوارت جونز، السفير الأمريكي في الأردن، هو المرشح ليحل محل باترسون في القاهرة.

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Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 3: Influence Operations Against Conservatives and the GOP

Ikhwan Mock Logo

We will show the full series in the next 7 days leading to the liberation of Egypt from the Muslim Brotherhood IKHWAN on JUNE 30 2013
We want to know how the American administration will help or stop the revolt against the Muslim Brotherhood and their Radical Islamists and Salafists to free Egypt from their grip. The Ikhwan and Islamists have threatened all Egyptians that they will defend their right to rule in Egypt and any opposition is an anti Islam and Kofar( The Unbelievers) and will be killed according to the Shariah.

Ikhwan Troops

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Red Headed Woman Bruce Springsteen

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The Red Headed Woman

rea 1

rea 2

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Sex in advertising

Ads 1 SchraderAp1921

Images of pretty women often appear in ads even without connection to the product being sold. This provocatively clad woman lends “sex appeal” to a 1921 ad for tire valve caps.


Sex in advertising or sex sells is the use of sexual or erotic imagery (also called “sex appeal”) in advertising to draw interest to and to help sell a particular product.
jeans ad true religion -leggings-tight-pants-aba0
A feature of sex in advertising is that the imagery used, such as that of a pretty woman, typically has no connection to the product being advertised. The purpose of the imagery is to attract the attention of the potential customer or user. The type of imagery that may be used is very broad, and would include nudity, cheesecake, and beefcake, even if it is often only suggestively sexual.
ads 10
The use of sex in advertising can be highly overt or extremely subtle. It ranges from relatively explicit displays of sexual acts, to the use of basic cosmetics to enhance attractive features.
ads 16 candies 12.2.o-barr_fig18f
Sex has been utilized in advertising since its beginning. The earliest forms are wood carvings and illustrations of attractive women (often unclothed from the waist up) adorned posters, signs, and ads for saloons, tonics, and tobacco.

In several notable cases, sex in advertising has been claimed as the reason for increased consumer interest and sales.

The earliest known use of sex in advertising is by the Pearl Tobacco brand in 1871, which featured a naked maiden on the package cover. ads 16 skky In 1885, W. Duke & Sons inserted trading cards into cigarette packs that featured sexually provocative starlets. Duke grew to become the leading cigarette brand by 1890 (Porter, 1971).
ads 13 12.2.o-barr_fig06f
Woodbury’s Facial Soap, a woman’s beauty bar, was almost discontinued in 1910. The soap’s sales decline was reversed, however, with ads containing images of romantic couples and promises of love and intimacy for those using the brand (Account Histories, 1926). Jovan Musk Oil, introduced in 1971, was promoted with sexual entendre and descriptions of the fragrance’s sexual attraction properties. As a result, Jovane, Inc.’s revenue grew from $1.5 million in 1971 to $77 million by 1978 (Sloan & Millman, 1979).
The advertisements for Clairol hair dye during the 1970s, which asked the double entendre question, “Does she… or doesn’t she? Only her hairdresser knows for sure”, were another famous use of sex to sell products.

Calvin Klein has been at the forefront of this movement, having said, “Jeans are about sex. The abundance of bare flesh is the last gasp of advertisers trying to give redundant products a new identity.” Calvin Klein’s first controversial jeans advertisement showed a 15-year-old Brooke Shields, in Calvin Klein jeans, saying, “Want to know what gets between me and my Calvin’s? Nothing.”
Consumer culture

Near the beginning of the twentieth century, first-world society outside of career exercise became deeply involved in the consumption of goods as opposed to production, meaning that people began to pursue material goods with the goal of fulfilling a general desire to own the item rather than for later use.

The sum of this ideal in the population comprise the majority of so-called consumers.
ads 11 12.2.o-barr_fig36f
Consumer culture actually impresses on the individual an egotistic drive to consume as a facet of cultural acceptance and self-actualization, which means people are constantly pursuing several types of gratification through the acquisition of potentially desirable items rather than more conventional means. In this way, the consumerism can manifest in individual in such ways as: impulsive financial expenditure, association of material possessions with social fitness, and habitual At the root of this phenomenon, and the advent of habitual consumption in modernistic society.
ads 9 Fairtrialmyarse
Taylorism, which introduced analytical study and controlled adjustment of workflow with the purpose of fostering economic growth, coupled with the institution of scientific management in the industrial workforce, engendered a large increase in productivity during the mid-to-late twentieth century, bringing substantially more goods to market than ever before. Further, as technology improved, the ease with which a product could be advertised drastically increased, encouraging businesses to invest in the efficacy of advertisements as a whole. As a result of this investment, consumers were gradually enticed to lend their eyes and ears to advertisers not merely in the appropriate time and place, but at all hours of the day, in previously unprecedented locations.
ads 14 guess 12.2.o-barr_fig09f
To compound this increased exposure to advertisement in daily life, advancements in other fields of technology stood to increase the sum-total leisure time afforded most consumers per week, shortening the length of commutes and reducing the difficulty and time required to complete various types of work. This decrease in the time it takes the average worker to complete the same tasks would often leave workers idle during timeframes previously occupied by work or rest, inciting a willingness to invest time and money in order to prevent stagnation. The popularization of increasingly trivial products and activities during this downtime catalyzed the explosion of consumer culture in modern times.Giddens 1991.

Gradually, the public consensus on the nature of shopping slowly shifted as people no longer considered shopping a conscious, needs-driven activity, but rather an intrinsic feature of standard urban living; shopping became a societal ritual available to complete 24 hours per day, the time between sessions mitigated solely by the fluctuation of an individual’s income. To reinforce this constant and inexorable reality of consumption, the average consumer is in near constant contact with engaging and provocative advertising through all forms of media that make use of a wide range of other motivational tools, most of which combine product placement with an appeal to other facets of human culture that may have little to do with the product at all.
ads 15 AX
Excluding more complex manipulation of the market through lengthy and subversive processes like operant conditioning, some of the most popular and/or efficient forms of advertising include appeals made to morality, contextual humor, and sexual drive, also known as libido.
Consumer identity

Cultural capital the term used by Pierre Bourdieu, indicates the association of non-financial assets (e.g., material goods) with the power to build and differentiate one’s social identity as relative to others of one’s class. Often the type and amount of cultural capital possessed by an individual is an indication of self-identification as well as social position. When the positivity of an individual’s self-perception is compromised, the consumption of specific goods can serve to mitigate detrimental effects and help to stabilize identity.
In Beck’s theory, the significance of social identity or work status are relevant to the processes of modernization, which is a traditional factor in identity. Perception of others is defined in relation to oneself, and the modernity of an individual in relation to society as a whole is a deciding factor in said individual’s social identity.
ads Tom Ford Geritric
As industry and career placement opportunities shift in time, many people are subjected to revisions in the standard, losing jobs for which they may have been well-qualified. Such stimuli can foster doubt and uncertainty in an individual and lower their overall self-esteem. This disruptive sense of uncertainty gives rise to a need to exert control over one’s life, often in the form of consumption, in order to re-affirm the individuality and identity of the self.
ads Tom Ford
The appearance of consumer-oriented goods more prominently throughout the economy can also be seen as an embodiment of the change in buyer-preference that has accompanied modernity. However, this change in consumption is also driven by the increased frequency of self-comparison and self-evaluation in individuals of recent decades. Lasch believes that modern society is too concerned with self-image, both physical and social, arguing that consumer culture also embodies a specific form of cultural narcissism. A prevailing facet of modern life is the need to fully and in most cases, and in some cases, instantly impress the nature of one’s physical identity upon one’s peers; thus, in modern societies, the expression of self-identity is already inextricably tied with physical expression.
ads frenchantismokingad
In the face of such significant value being associated with physical imagery, the importance of maintaining one’s physical appearance in such societies becomes universally recognizable. Furthermore, the promotion of such ideal images relates to the formation of cosmetic ideology, modifying societal beauty standards to corroborate popular imagery. The idealization of the body has altered what people value and with which pursuits the population can identify, glorifying the utilization of physically (sexually) appealing imagery as effective propaganda in the field of public marketing.
The concept

ads 2Jaegermeister-06
A model promotesJägermeister, 2006
Sex in advertising builds on the premise that people are curious about sexuality and that experience in marketing has been that sexuality sells products. From a marketing point of view, sexuality can have biological, emotional/physical or spiritual aspects.
The biological aspect of sexuality refers to the reproductive mechanism as well as the basic biological drive that exists in all species, which is hormonally controlled. The emotional or physical aspect of sexuality refers to the bond that exists between individuals, and is expressed through profound feelings or physical manifestations of emotions of love, trust, and caring. There is also a spiritual aspect of sexuality of an individual or as a connection with others. Advertisers may and do use the various aspects of sexuality in advertisements.

When sexuality is used in advertising, certain values and attitudes towards sex are necessarily ‘sold’ along with a product. In advertising terms, this is called “the concept”. The message may be that “innocence is sexy” (as used by Calvin Klein when it uses young people in provocative poses), or that link pain and violence with sexiness and glamour (as used by Versace), or that women enjoy being dominated, or that women come with a product (e.g. in the advertisement for Budweiser Beer), or that the use of a certain product is naughty but legal, or that use of a certain product will make the user more attractive to the opposite sex, and many other messages.
Jeans ad disel Scultz-commercial-2 (1)
Historically, advertising has used women in erotic roles and poses more often than men. However, in recent years young men have increasingly been used in a similar manner, though women continue to be depicted in sexualized roles disproportionately.
ads 4TomFord
The use of female models in such roles is believed to attract the attention of potential male customers; however, ironically, research shows that most major purchases are made by women.
When couples are used in an advertisement, the sex-roles played by each also sends out messages. The interaction of the couple may send out a message of relative dominance and power, and may stereotype the roles of one or both partners. Usually the message would be very subtle, and sometimes advertisements attract interest by changing stereotypical roles.
ads 3 Tom Ford

16 Ads That Changed How We Think About Sex
six 1 calvin-klein-jeans
Calvin Klein’s 2010 jeans campaign.
There is no shortage of sex in advertising. We all know sex sells, but how has it altered the way we think about sex?
When done right, these ads can have a huge impact on society and how we think about sex and gender, such as Gatorade’s empowering “Keep her in the game” campaign.
When done wrong, using sex in ads can go very, very … sideways. Take the infamousDolce & Gabbanna gang rape ad, which was inevitably pulled.
Here are 16 ads that marked turning points in the way we think about sex and its commercialization.

six 2 sixteen hour
Gold Dust’s “Fourteen Hour Wives” (1893): This ad showed the drudgery that often came with marriage in the 19th Century.
six 3 coke
Coca-Cola’s “Gibson Girl” (circa 1908) was one of the first major sex symbols to be widely distributed in advertising. Clearly, the way advertising defines what’s sexy has changed.
six 3 surgeon-sage-says-circa-1915-was-a-popular-poster-promoting-the-us-militarys-world-war-i-policy-of-abstinence-among-soldiers-to-prevent-the-spread-of-sexually-transmitted-diseases
“Surgeon Sage Says” (circa 1915) was a popular poster promoting the U.S. military’s World War I policy of abstinence among soldiers to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

six 4 dr-marie-stopes-married-love-1930s-was-one-of-the-first-ads-to-promote-the-importance-of-sex-education
Dr. Marie Stopes’ “Married Love” (1930s) was one of the first ads to promote the importance of sex education.
six 5 by-world-war-ii-the-us-was-once-again-warning-soldiers-against-sexually-transix smitted-diseases-but-also-note-that-the-female-temptress-in-the-ad-has-a-more-modern-sexual-appeal
By World War II, the U.S. was once again warning soldiers against sexually transmitted diseases. But also note that the female temptress in the ad has a more modern sexual appeal.
six 6 jon-joys-marilyn-circa-1958-marked-the-dawn-of-the-never-ending-era-in-which-sex-is-used-overtly-to-sell-even-mundane-household-products
Jon-Joy’s “Marilyn” (circa 1958) marked the dawn of the (never-ending) era in which sex is used overtly to sell even mundane household products.

six 7 playboys-what-sort-of-man-reads-playboy-campaign-1973-directed-at-potential-advertisers-was-actually-revolutionary-it-commercialized-the-idea-that-men-too-could-be-objects-of-sexual-desire
Playboy’s “What Sort of Man Reads Playboy” campaign (1973), directed at potential advertisers, was actually revolutionary: It commercialized the idea that men too could be objects of sexual desire.

Calvin Klein

Brooke Shields’ Calvin Klein jeans TV spot from the 1980s made it acceptable (well, almost) to use very young models in very sexy ads.
six 8 everyone-thinks-that-the-movie-when-harry-met-sally-1989-was-about-the-question-can-men-and-women-be-just-friends-a-question-were-still-debating-today-but-the-movie-poster-touted-a-very-different-inquiry-
Everyone thinks that the movie “When Harry Met Sally” (1989) was about the question, “Can men and women be just friends?”

(a question we’re still debating today). But the movie poster touted a very different inquiry …

six 9 benettons-pieta-1992-depicted-the-aids-activist-david-kirby-lying-on-his-death-bed-it-helped-people-face-up-to-the-aids-epidemic
Benetton’s “Pieta” (1992) depicted the AIDS activist David Kirby lying on his death bed. It helped people face up to the AIDS epidemic.

six 10yves-saint-laurents-opium-campaign-of-2000-featured-sophi
Yves Saint Laurent’s “Opium” campaign of 2000 featured Sophie Dahl — and made headlines for two reasons. Its nudity made it one of the most complained about ads in British history; and it broke with the tradition of using only stick-thin models in fashion and beauty ads.

six 11 dolce gabbana
In the 1990s and 2000s, designers’ ads became increasingly erotic and edgy.

But Dolce & Gabbanna went too far with its 2007 “Ready to Wear” campaign, which featured several faux gang rape scenes. The ads were pulled.

Nineteen years after Benetton’s “Pieta,” MTV still felt the need to encourage people to wear condoms. The “Sex Is No Accident” campaign from 2011 addressed the rising “hookup” culture.
six 12 Benneton
Only in the last couple of years have images of gay sexuality been shown in the mainstream media, often as a ploy to generate controversy. Benetton’s “Unhate” campaign from 2011 won a Cannes Grand Prix.

Gatorade’s “Keep Her In The Game” campaign (2012) is incredibly sophisticated: It addresses the way advertising has a tendency to objectify women, often to their detriment.


Sweedish Bikinis

Gallup & Robinson, an advertising and marketing research firm, has reported that in more than 50 years of testing advertising effectiveness, it has found the use of the erotic to be a significantly above-average technique in communicating with the marketplace, “…although one of the more dangerous for the advertiser. Weighted down with taboos and volatile attitudes, sex is a Code Red advertising technique … handle with care … seller beware; all of which makes it even more intriguing.” This research has led to the popular idea that “sex sells”.
Ads Che product placement
In contemporary mainstream consumer advertising (e.g., magazines, network and cable television), sex is present in promotional messages for a wide range of branded goods.

Ads feature provocative images of well-defined women (and men) in revealing outfits and postures selling clothing, alcohol, beauty products, and fragrances. Advertisers such as Calvin Klein, Victoria’s Secret, and Pepsi use these images to cultivate a ubiquitous sex-tinged media presence. Also, sexual information is used to promote mainstream products not traditionally associated with sex. For example, the Dallas Opera recent reversal of declining ticket sales has been attributed to the marketing of the more lascivious parts of its performances (Chism, 1999).

As many consumers and professionals think, sex is used to grab a viewer’s attention but this is a short-term success. Whether using sex in advertising is effective depends on the product. About three-quarters of advertisements using sex to sell the product are communicating a product-related benefit, such as the product making its users more sexually attractive.
ads Che underwear
Some sexually oriented advertisements provoke a backlash against the product. In 1995, Calvin Klein’s advertising campaign showed teenage models in provocative poses wearing Calvin Klein underwear and jeans. The ads were withdrawn when parents and child welfare groups threatened to protest and Hudson stores did not want their stores associated with the ads. It was reported that the Justice Department was investigating the ad campaign for possible violations of federal child pornography and exploitation laws.

Using sex may attract one market demographic while repelling another.

The overt use of sexuality to promote breast cancer awareness, through fundraising campaigns like “I Love Boobies” and “Save the Ta-tas”, is effective at reaching young women, who are at low risk of developing breast cancer, but angers and offends breast cancer survivors and older women, who are at higher risk of developing breast cancer.

Over the past two decades, the use of increasingly explicit sexual imagery in consumer-oriented print advertising has become almost commonplace.
In recent years ads for jeans, perfumes and many other products have featured provocative images that were designed to elicit sexual responses from as large a cross section of the population as possible, to shock by their ambivalence, or to appeal to repressed sexual desires, which are thought to carry a stronger emotional load.

Increased tolerance, more tempered censorship, emancipatory developments and increasing buying power of previously neglected appreciative target groups in rich markets (mainly in the West) have led to a marked increase in the share of attractive flesh ‘on display’.
ads Tom Ford Vagina scent
Use of sexual imagery in advertising has been criticized on various grounds. Religious Conservatives often consider it obscene or immodest. Some feminists and masculists claim it reinforces sexism by objectifying the individual. Increasingly, this argument has been complicated by growing use of androgynous and homoerotic themes in marketing.
ads Tom Ford Nude 2
Advertisers trying to reach low-income and less educated men frequently use hypermasculine stereotypes, such as depicting men as only being capable of a limited range of behaviors, such as being physically violent or sexually aggressive
Simply put, sex in advertising is the use of sexually provocative or erotic imagery (or sounds, suggestions and subliminal messages) that are specifically designed to arouse interest in a particular product, service or brand.
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Typically, sex refers to beautiful women (and increasingly, handsome men) that are used to lure in a viewer, reader or listener, despite a tenuous a non-existent link to the brand being advertised.
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Throughout History, Sex Has Been Used As A Selling Tool.
It’s been said that as human beings, we have a lizard or reptilian brain that responds to certain primal urges. Food is one. Sex and reproduction is definitely another.

This underlying, pre-programmed disposition to respond to sexual imagery is so strong, it has been used for over 100 years in advertising. And the industry, while abusing it more and more, would be foolish to ignore the draw of sexual and erotic messaging.
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Back in 1885, W.Duke and Sons, a manufacturer of facial soap, included trading cards in the soap’s packaging that included erotic images of the day’s most popular female stars.
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The link between soap and sex is slim at best, but it worked. And ever since, brands have purposely linked themselves to suggestive (or downright blatant) sexual imagery in the search for new customers. In particular, alcohol, fashion, perfume and car advertisements have created strong links with sex.
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Does Sex Actually Sell?
Yes, sex sells. It’s a fact. Popular mens magazines like Maxim and FHM have experimented often with their covers. Overwhelmingly, when a sexy, semi-naked woman appears on the cover, it outperforms an image of a male star, even if that star is someone men want to read about.
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When ads are more sexually provocative, men in particular are irresistibly drawn to them. It’s simple genetics. Men respond to sexual images. And if your ad creates a sexual situation, it will get the desired response.
The Future of Sex in Advertising
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Sex is here to stay, and it’s getting more blatant with every passing year. The rise of the internet over the last 20 years has produced a direct line for much stronger, graphic sexual material to enter consumers’ homes. And they’re responding to it. Pornography, while not used in advertising in its traditional sense, is a multi-billion dollar business. As the rules around sex and consumers become more relaxed, you can guarantee that sex will become a bigger part of our advertising landscape.

The Bottom Line – Use Sexual Ideas Only If It’s Appropriate
If you are advertising a male deodorant like Axe (Lynx in the UK) or lingerie like Victoria’s Secret, you’d be a fool to overlook such a strong selling mechanism.

But if you’re trying to sell a lawn mower or a new sofa with nudity and sex, you’re doing your product a serious disservice. Yes, you’ll get attention. But it’s the wrong kind of attention, and won’t lead to a bigger and better brand. Sex, used sparingly and judicially, is a strong selling tool. But abuse it, and you will ultimately lose out.

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Egypt becoming a nightmare for Muslim Brothers

Analysis: The threat of civil war appears all too real in Egypt amid economic, social and political crisis.

Anti-Mursi protesters stand on a riot police vehicle after they seized it on the Kasr Elnile bridge to Tahrir square in Cairo
Anti-Morsi protesters stand on a riot police vehicle, January 28, 2013. Photo: Reuters/Mohamad Mohamed Abd El Ghany

For the Muslim Brotherhood, the long awaited dream come true is turning into a nightmare. Having survived 80 years of persecution to achieve power democratically, they suddenly find themselves the focus of widespread popular hatred.
Never have Egyptians been in such dire economic traits.

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, however, is not about to give up and make way for new presidential elections. The Brotherhood will spare no effort to stay in power.
morsi el shater 6
Khayrat El Shater Number two man of Ikhwan and acting president
Such is the depth of the economic, social and political crisis that the threat of civil war appears all too real.

Most commentators believe the army won’t let things go that far and will step in; however the road back to recovery and a civilian regime accepted by all will be long and arduous.

Civil disobedience is rampant.
Port said SOS
In Port Said the police have disappeared from the streets and the army called in to maintain law and order. Indeed here and there people are petitioning the courts to appoint popular Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to rule Egypt in Morsi’s stead. They know it won’t happen but are trying to make a point. Demonstrations calling for getting rid of Morsi and of the Brotherhood are held on a daily basis in Cairo and in cities all over the country. They are met by militant groups of the Brotherhood. Dozens have died and thousands were wounded in the resulting clashes though both sides are trying not to let the violence escalate.

The economy is in shambles.
An anti-Mursi protester chants anti-Mursi slogans during a protest in front of the gate of El-Quba in Cairo
In a remarkable and enduring show of unity, non-Islamic opposition parties under the banner of the National Salvation Front are boycotting the regime until their demands – canceling the Islamic constitution and setting up a consensus government until new elections are held – are met.

The Muslim Brotherhood who had won a sweeping victory in the first free parliamentary elections and got their candidate elected president have bitterly disappointed the people who had put their faith in them.

Nothing has been done to improve their lot. Upon taking office Morsi had promised – and failed – to take care of five burning issues within a hundred days: growing insecurity, monster traffic jams in the capital, lack of fuel and cooking gas, lack of subsidized bread, and the mounting piles of refuse in the streets.

The president’s high-handed attempt to take over all legislative powers and grant himself full immunity provoked such an outcry that he had to back down. He sacked the prosecutor-general and appointed a new one – only to have his decision overthrown by the Cairo Court of Cassation last week, throwing the judicial system into disarray.

It seems that such unwise and unpopular moves were taken without prior consultations with his advisers and that in fact it was the Supreme Guidance Bureau of the Brotherhood which had urged Morsi to do so. In other words, the president is acting as a proxy for the movement.

Dissatisfaction is now evident everywhere. Elections held in students’ union throughout the country saw Brotherhood candidates defeated by independent candidates. Worse, elections to the key Journalists’ Syndicate saw the victory of Diaa Rashwan, head of Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic studies and bitter opponent of the Brotherhood.

In other words the movement is losing both the youth and the elites.
morsi yalahwi 2
Yet the regime plods on as if unaware of the fact that times have changed and that people are no longer afraid to take to the streets to fight for the future of their country.

On the contrary, Morsi is hard at work appointing as many of his men as he can everywhere, from national to regional and local positions supervising everything from public order to food distribution – such as it is – under his direct orders.

Clearly, he is here to stay.

Army no longer refusing Islamic candidates

In a new and startling development, he is now turning to the army. For the first time since Nasser ruled, the army academy is no longer refusing Islamic candidates.
el sissy 1
Then of course there is the legislation. The lower house of parliament has been disbanded by the courts because of widespread electoral fraud, so Morsi gave temporary legislative powers to the upper house “Shura council.”

These powers were supposed to be used for urgent legislation; however taking advantage of the solid Islamic majority – 80 percent Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists – Morsi is pushing through laws organizing the next elections, restraining the right to strike and to demonstrate; in the wings are stringent laws regulating NGOs – including a special provision legalizing the Brotherhood – a movement banned by Nasser. This was needed because the advisory board of the High Administrative Court had declared the movement illegal and recommended that it be disbanded.

Within two days of the ruling a new law had been drafted and is now awaiting the verdict of the High Constitutional Court. The problem is that the Brotherhood has since its inception refused to divulge the list of its members and the origin of its funds – two requirements for registering a movement.

While feminist organizations are demonstrating against repeated violence against women and fatwas encouraging such violence, the Brotherhood posted on its official website a condemnation of the recent UN resolution on the rights of women “because it is in violation of the Shari’a.”
morsi bread 4
Currency shortage threatens petrol, food imports

Strangely enough, while the level of violence in the streets is steadily rising, the president has nothing to say.

It is as if the Brotherhood had adopted the motto “least said, soonest mended” and had decided to keep a low profile in the hope of seeing the protests die a natural death as protesters get tired or lose hope.

Yet there is no sign of it happening anytime soon. In the wake of the last round of violence around the Brotherhood’s Cairo headquarters, Morsi did warn that if “hooliganism” did not stop, harsh measures would be taken. His warning only added fuel to the fire, resulting in new clashes and more wounded.

In the meantime, currency reserves are bleeding, there may be soon not enough money to pay for imports of petrol and basic food supplies.

Subsidizing these items accounts for 25 percent of the country’s budget. Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Libya did extend substantial help, but it all went to subsidies and imports. None of the long overdue economic reforms have been launched. Without these reforms the International Monetary Fund is withholding the $4.8 billion loan Egypt desperately needs; there is also the small problem of the interest to be paid; Islamic circles are vehemently opposing any form of interest, which they said is prohibited by Shari’a law.

Unless and until a solution is found, Western countries will not lend any money to Egypt.

Power failures are getting more frequent, queues for petrol and cooking gas longer and food is scarce.
morsi bread 5
Investors have fled, tourists are scared. Hunger riots may not be far off. Yet the Brotherhood surges blindly on, not ready to let go of the golden prize achieved after nearly a century. And so the standoff goes on between the regime and the opposition, while quicksand threatens to engulf them all.

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