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3-Way (The Golden Rule) (feat. Justin Timberlake & Lady Gaga)

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3-Way (The Golden Rule)

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Prostitution in Israel

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Prostitution in Israel is legal, but organized prostitution in the form of brothels and pimping is prohibited.
Prostitution has existed in the lands now referred to as Israel since ancient times. Before the Zionist migration these were mainly Arab since the Jewish population were strictly religious and prostitution would result in excommunication. Prostitution was legalised in Israel in 1949 under the Prostitution and Abomination Act, although homosexual prostitution was not legalised till 1954. However in 1962 indoor prostitution but not street prostitution was prohibited and is controlled by the Israeli Criminal Law 1966, Sections 199-202. However indoor prostitution has continued to thrive. It was not perceived as a problem till the 1970s, and prostitution policy has been described as ‘benign neglect’. A 1975 inquiry (Ben-Eato) recommended legalisation but this was not implemented.
In the 1990s, as in other countries, trafficking in women became a political issue in women’s movements in Israel, who engaged in political lobbying for legislative action. In 2003, Israel passed a law that would allow the state to confiscate the profits of traffickers, but watchdog groups claim it is rarely enforced. In 2007 a ban on advertising was debated. In December 2009, a bill outlawing purchase of sexual services was introduced into the Israeli parliament. In February 2012 another draft bill received cabinet approval.
proi 3
The sex trade in Israel generates up to $2 billion in revenue a year.
Israel is a country of immigrants, including a large number of Russians. Immigrant women have included prostitutes, while others turned to prostitution due to economic hardship in their new land. Prostitution in Israel has been dominated by immigrants from the former Soviet Union since the mass immigration in the 1990s. A study published in 2005 found 1,000 Russian prostitutes working in Israel, mostly in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. From 1991 to 1994 the number of “massage parlors” run by Russian immigrants rose from 14 to 111.

According to the findings released in March 2005 by a Parliamentary Inquiry Committee, between 3,000 and 5,000 women had been smuggled into Israel and sold into prostitution in the previous four years. Most of the prostitutes came from Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan, China and Russia, and many were smuggled through Egypt. In 2007, a report by the Knesset’s Committee on the Status of Women reported that in recent years the number of trafficked women had dropped to less than 1,000. In 2007, the United States State Department placed Israel as a “Tier 2” in its annual Trafficking in Persons reports, meaning that it does not fully comply with the standards for the elimination of trafficking but is making significant efforts to do so.
An organization calling itself the Task Force on Human Trafficking claims that every month, men in Israel visit brothels up to one million times.
Various groups have advocated legalising prostitution, criminalising it, or just criminalising the clients. Conservative religious political parties have consistently opposed legalisation on grounds of immorality.

proi 1
Child Prostitution
Age of child prostitutes in Israel is dropping, report finds
Knesset study cites cases of 11-year-olds used for commercial sex that are among the several thousands of teenagers involved in prostitution.

Neither government agencies nor welfare organizations have accurate information regarding the scope of youth prostitution in Israel according to a report on prostitution involving minors, submitted recently to the Knesset.
The Elem association for youth in distress believes that there are thousands of teenagers involved in prostitution here, yet from 2008 until July 2013, only 29 police files were opened against the clients of these young prostitutes, 12 of them during the first half of this year. Of the 12 cases opened this year, 10 have been transferred to the prosecution and two are still being investigated. Of the other 17 files, 12 were transferred to the prosecution; of those, one case from 2009 was prosecuted and four other investigations were closed, three for lack of evidence.
The report, written by the Knesset Research and Information Center and submitted to the Knesset subcommittee on the fight against trafficking in women and prostitution, states that child prostitutes come from all sectors of society – there are Jews and Arabs, religious and secular, new immigrants and minors who have no legal status in Israel, such as Palestinians and migrants. The report also supports the general assumption that the age at which children start working as prostitutes is dropping; research here and abroad shows that the average age is 13-14, though there have been cases of children as young as 11 being used for commercial sex.

Professionals generally agree that youth prostitution is closely linked to sexual abuse at home, parental neglect, problems in school, low socioeconomic status, gang membership and living in the streets with no safe shelter. However, the report’s authors also say that a new pattern of occasional prostitution is emerging among young people from normative families who have not dropped out of school. These youngsters are lured into sexual exploitation because they want money for brand-name clothes and other consumer products, or to improve their social status.
The report stresses that the Internet has become one of the primary arenas for commercial sexual exploitation of minors.
proi 5
The Myth of Consensual Prostitution
The difference between consent and coercion is vital to the discussion of legislation on prostitution. Those who assume that people willingly consent to enter prostitution oppose the criminalisation of purchasing sexual services. However, this presupposition ignores the fact that the overwhelming majority (consistently around 90%) of prostituted persons tell us that they are not in the sex trade of their own free will.
The average age of entrance into prostitution in Israel is 14. While most people would consider child prostitution non-consensual, adults that have been trapped in the sex trade since childhood are often overlooked. Adults in the sex trade are also made vulnerable by pimps, poverty, drug addiction, and ongoing sexual abuse – an Israeli social worker estimates that upwards of 95% of the prostitutes with whom she works were sexually assaulted as children by men who should have been looking after them. “I was my father’s prostitute from a young age,” states a former Israeli prostitute. “Why not be everyone’s prostitute?” A pimp in Israel further explains: “I know who will be a good prostitute. The girls who are raped at home.”

It is telling that the overwhelming majority of prostituted persons come from backgrounds of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, as well as poverty and social disadvantage. When we talk about women ‘choosing’ prostitution, we are not talking about women who have access to the range of options most of us benefit from. Nobody claims that the selling of organs should be legal, because it would create an environment which would further exploit society’s most disadvantaged populations. The same kind of exploitation and coercion which would force people to sell their organs currently forces people to sell their bodies. This lack of viable options is why it is dishonest to refer to prostitution as a consensual transaction. In any other circumstance, sex under coercion is referred to as rape.
A transgender prostitute waits for clients on a street in Tegucigalp
The effects and conditions of prostitution demonstrate why coercion is necessary to the survival of the sex trade. According to the US State Department, victims of prostitution meet the clinical criteria for post-traumatic disorder in the same range as victims of state-organised torture. Violent rape and physical abuse are commonplace in prostitution. Other long-term effects reported by prostituted persons include the destruction of their sexuality, and an increasing inability to emotionally connect to others. Professionals of any other kind would not be expected to undergo these forms of physical and emotional trauma as a part of their job.

Legalising the purchase of sexual services has never protected prostituted persons, because coercion, rape, abuse, and exploitation are inherent in the sex trade. Allowing the purchase of sexual services to remain legal is to legitimise a form of rape. Legalisation fails to protect the victims of the sex trade, and instead protects those who traffic, sell, and purchase prostituted persons. Moreover, research has repeatedlyproven that legalisation increases demand for prostitution and aids in the drastic expansion of the flesh trade. Therefore, the legalisation of purchasing sexual services ensures that greater numbers of women and children will be sold in the sex trade.
Instead of promoting paid rape as viable work, we should criminalise this kind of exploitation and provide women with alternative options. This form of legislation is referred to as the Nordic Model, and has experiencedgreat success in minimalising trafficking and prostitution in countries where it has been implemented. Last year, the Prohibition of Consumption of Prostitution Services and Community Treatment Billnearly passed into law in Israel. This legislation would have criminalised the act of purchasing sexual services, and thus criminalised the demand for prostitution, based on the Nordic Model. This is the only model of legislation which recognises those trapped in the sex trade as victims, as opposed to either consensual participants or criminals. It is the only model of legislation which seeks to end prostitution due to its exploitative nature. We have an opportunity to change the power of the sex trade over its victims, and it is time that we protect the victims over those who exploit them.

Types of Prostitution In Israel

proi 8
1) Escort agencies
All the agencies offer young girls aged between 18 to 27 they all state that all girls give full service and some will do more for extra payment i.e. anal etc but make sure that you stipulate one hour and not just one sex act (if you are up to more then why not within the hour limit. Longer periods are available at lower rates per hour.
Most girls give oral sex some allow French kissing but its all up to the girl,
the going rate at present for the agencies dealing with the local Israeli clientele. The rates for one hour in your hotel room ranges from 250-400nis ($50- $80) per hour a two girl session is usually can be had for a bit less than double, as they only have to send one car to pick up the two girls also an extra hour is also a bit less than double for the same reason about 450-550 Nis ($90-110) for 2 hours
If one wants a lesbo show it can be arranged but it’s a lot more expensive and usually a waste of time and money, As only if the girls are really into one another and enjoy this action all you will get is a act and a poor one at that. If one wants a 2-girl session (non-lesbo) one should make sure that the girls are happy doing it together with another girl and feel comfortable in each other’s presents. Its a great treat having 2 girls at once and should be tried by all!!!
Proi 10 Юлия 26 лет יוליה בת 26 - 26 Picture adult entertainment  escorts
2) Massage parlors \Health clubs (Machon Bre-ut in Hebrew)
The so called Health club’s (which is really a pretty name\disguise for what these clubs really are whore houses)
In Tel Aviv there are about 4 major areas where these clubs exist plus a few in out of the way places and the prices range from about 100nis to 200nis per half hour for one girl ($20-$40 1$=5 NIS) depending on location and décor of the establishment.
In general they all have the same theme in common there will always be a male manager present one enters a lounge area where you will find sitting on couches spaced around the room scantily clad girls who are available you will take a seat and look around and admire the merchandise if you see a girl who you fancy all you need to do is give her a small nod and motion her to ask her for details (yaash pratim) If you don’t like what you see you can sit and wait for some more girls who might be busy working to appear or you can leave without any obligation if you find a girl who meets your fancy she will invite you to go to a room which are all very small with a bed and in the better clubs have their own shower and a small dressing table often a mirror but that’s just about it.
Most of these girls only speak Russian or a very little pigeon Hebrew very few know English
proi 12
She will tell you the rules and the cost if you agree after you have told her what you like and if she agrees you will pay her in advance and she will either leave you to undress and shower or she will take you to another room where the deed is to be carried out.
You will have about 5 minutes to shower and prepare for the girl to return usually you will wrap your towel around your naked waist and await her return once she does the clock is running and she will either take a shower herself (to waste a bit more time) or she will motion you to the bed to get started.
Now depending on the girl you can expect different action but uncovered Blow Jobs are very common and going down on her is very common practice but you should ask first if you like this sort of thing.
She might start by giving you a body to body massage and a good tonguing and how it develops later it all depends on you and the girl .It is normal that after you cum once the session is over but in some clubs the girl will continue till your time is up and there is either a wrap on the door or a buzzer sounds then you will have about 5 minutes to clean up and get dresses unless you want to add the same again for another session
A word of advice you will find that during the peak hours (early evening till midnight) if you want to have the more popular girls you will expect to wait around till they come available. During these times you will have to compete with more customers than girls.

proi 9
3) Private apartments with one or more girls sharing (but most are owned and run by pimps.
There lots of ads in the Israeli local press of girls working privately in apartments. While the advertisements and the girl answering the phone in most of these places claim to be totally private. Practically all of them are run and owned by pimps \ local Mafia. Often you will have the phone answered by a sympathetic well-spoken Israeli or Russian girl who will lay on the sauce thick with a nice description of what you should get if you decide to visit the apartment. They often promise up till one hour service others only 40 minutes prices range from about 150 to 250 Nis mostly dependant on beauty location and décor.

They are mostly flats in normal apartment blocks and most of them have a girl answering the phone in a side room (this girl is not available for sex) and between 2 and 5(working in shifts) or more girls working in two or more rooms in the flat .The normal procedure is for one the of girls to take you to one of the rooms and will tell you what she offers and how much if you don’t like what you see you can ask her if there are any other girls available and she will send you in the next one till you find one that meets your fancy .One good thing about these places is that they try to give you a bit of anonymity and your presents is not seen by the other customers and visa- versa not like as in the Health clubs.
The service from these places varies from one to the other and it’s a lot to do with the girl of your choice.
Even if you are offered one hour and unlimited acts. It turns out that your time is up either after you blow your load once or you get a rap on the door after about 20 minutes. These places are just knocking shops and have a big turn around of clients and if there are more waiting for a free room they will try and get you in and out as quickly as possible.
proi 6
4) Street prostitution
The cost is low about 50 – 100 nis for a quick suck and fuck 10 minutes tops don’t pay any more what ever she promises,
If you find one that you fancy she will get into your car and direct you to a dark turn off where the deed is done usually on the back seat of your car.
Street prostitution only gets going after 21:00 on the streets the deeds is done in dark parking lots etc.
pro 24 Transvestit_strassenstrich
A lot of these girls are drug addicts and a lot of He/she and transvestites plow their trade in these places. This section of the industry in the lowest of the low and while the price is low but one can expect a very short and mechanical service at the best and getting ripped off or getting ones money stolen should not be ruled out .If you like the excitement of Wham Bang Thank You Mam. And doing “IT” in the car Is what you like and are looking for. Then this is Where it’s at.
proi 11 Katy private escort Tel Aviv with friend 054-3238447 - 25
Israeli Brothels forbid prostitutes to use condoms to prevent evidence
Owners of “massage parlors” (a euphemism for brothels) forbid prostitutes working in them to use condoms because in a police raid they would be evidence that the establishment is for paid sex.

A Health Ministry spokeswoman says that an increase in sexually transmitted diseases has been registered recently among prostitutes and their clients.
“Massage parlors are nothing else but brothels, and pimps who operate them are denying the prostitutes basic protection for their lives and health,” she says. Everyone knows this, yet the police refrain from closing these places down, she says.
“Often you work an eight-hour shift in fear,” Revital, 33, who has been working in such parlors for the last four years, tells Haaretz israeli Newspaper.
“I live in fear of police raids and don’t even have basic protection. Some clients bring their own and then it’s all right. Sometimes I hide condoms in my bra or in paper but it always involves fear – either from the owner who might catch me or from not using the condom,” she says.
proi 2

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Egypt’s Two-Front War for Democracy By ALAA AL ASWANY

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Cairo — Mariam Ashraf was an eight-year-old Coptic girl. On Oct. 20, she went with her family to the Church of the Virgin, in Cairo, for a relative’s wedding. She was thrilled with her new hairstyle and the new white dress her mother had bought for the occasion. She stood on the street outside the church with other guests waiting for the bride and groom to arrive. Then a motorbike sped by. On it were two men who opened fire indiscriminately, killing Mariam and three others, and wounding scores of guests. According to an official medical report, eight bullets pierced her body; she died from gunshot wounds to the chest.

Although the Muslim Brotherhood issued a statement condemning the killing, it was just one in a string of attacks carried out on Coptic Christians by Egyptians associated with the Islamist organization.

According to officials in the Coptic Church, there have been attacks on 73 churches, in addition to scores of Coptic-owned homes and businesses, since the end of June. The Copts have been persecuted for joining the demonstrations that led to the removal of President Mohamed Morsi in early July. Supporters of Mr. Morsi were incensed that the Coptic pope, Tawadros II, supported the army’s plan for ending the Brotherhood’s rule.

It is not only the Copts who have suffered from political violence since the summer. Ongoing attacks by Morsi supporters against soldiers and police officers have caused hundreds of deaths. Egyptian television broadcast a report showing Islamists attacking a police station in the town of Kerdasa on Aug. 14 with rocket-propelled grenades, causing the deaths of 15 policemen. They stripped the bodies and paraded them on the street.
morsi in Jail 2
Mr. Morsi is now on trial for his role in 11 deaths in a clash between his supporters and opponents last December. This is fitting, because his 12-month presidency saw horrendous violations of human rights.

Mr. Morsi climbed the democratic ladder to power only to kick it away after him so that no one else could join him up there. In the process, he became a violent dictator. In June, the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, an advocacy group, found that 3,462 people had been arbitrarily detained, and 143 protesters killed, since Mr. Morsi took power — compared with some 18,000 arrests for political reasons during the nearly 30-year rule of President Hosni Mubarak. In August, an Amnesty International report documented torture, including severe beatings and electric shocks, suffered by opponents of the Brotherhood.

Mr. Morsi entered office on a wave of hope and exited on a wave of despair. In June 2012, millions streamed onto the streets to celebrate his victory, but their elation soon turned into hopelessness and then rage as they discovered that he was a puppet controlled by the Brotherhood’s supreme leader. That November, Mr. Morsi issued a decree annulling the Constitution and granting himself sweeping powers over the legal system. It amounted to coup d’état.
FILE PHOTO: Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak Reportedly Clinically Dead At 84
As with Mr. Mubarak, the end of Mr. Morsi’s dictatorship began in the streets. In the spring, young activists instituted a campaign, called Tamarrod (Arabic for “rebellion”), that collected millions of signature for a no-confidence petition demanding Mr. Morsi’s ouster. It was Tamarrod that called on Egyptians to go onto the streets on June 30 to show their dissatisfaction.

With Egypt on the brink of a civil war, the army sided with the will of the Egyptian people, removed Mr. Morsi and announced a road map to amend the Constitution and carry out new parliamentary and presidential elections.

What is happening in Egypt goes beyond political disagreement: We are seeing an armed struggle between the state and terrorist groups who are trying to plunge the country into something like the Syrian paradigm of chaos. Hence most Egyptians have given their support to the army in its war against the terrorism of the Brotherhood. This leaves an unanswered question: Is Egypt getting any nearer to instituting a real democracy?

The Brotherhood’s removal from power has given rise to a confrontation between the forces of the revolution and those of the Mubarak regime. Supporters of Mr. Mubarak still wield some power in the government and are resisting reforms to the state apparatus that enabled them to amass fortunes.

Meanwhile, the millions of young people who created the revolution and have nurtured it since 2011 are demanding a new constitution that would ban the trial of civilians by military courts, and subject the presidency to oversight by independent authorities. They also want to impose a more progressive tax system and reduce income inequality.
bassem Youssef 5
This tension between the democrats and the old guard is evident in the case of the television host Bassem Youssef, Egypt’s answer to Jon Stewart, whose satirical news program had devoted whole episodes to the antics of Mr. Morsi. The program was pulled after he fell from power. It recently came back on air, with Mr. Youssef poking fun at the army chief, Gen. Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi. The episode divided public opinion between those who defended Mr. Youssef’s right to lampoon senior officials, and grass-roots supporters of General Sisi, who considered the satire beyond the pale. The channel that produces the series was obliged to apologize. It took the program off the air.

Similarly alarming is the one-year prison sentence imposed by a military court on a newspaper journalist, Hatem Abu el-Nour, who was convicted of the dubious charge of impersonating military personnel.

The battle for Egypt is being waged on two fronts: one against the terrorist operations carried out by Morsi supporters, and the other to bring into existence a true democratic state. Mr. Morsi’s democratically elected dictatorship did nothing to advance that true revolution.

Alaa Al Aswany is the author of “The Yacoubian Building” and other books. This article was translated by Russell Harris from the Arabic.

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شاهد اللقاء الحصرى مع السيدة التى صفعها الإخوانجى بالقلم اثناء محاكمة مرسى مع أحمد موسى This woman was Beaten By the Moslem Brotherhood

woman who was beaten

Please watch this woman to the end

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History Repeating Shirley Bassey

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Shirley Bassey

Shirley B 2

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Egypt returns to Russia History Repeating

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mig 1
The Terminator sukhoi-su-37

Not only has the administration’s “reset” button failed with Russia, but now Middle Eastern countries which have been in the American sphere of influence for decades are looking for better relations with other major nations.
King Abdullah and Russian President Putin
Saudi Arabia has said “major changes” are coming concerning their relationship with the US. And now Egypt is turning away from the US as well:

The Russian foreign and defence ministers will travel to Egypt next week on a visit seen as signalling a growing rapprochement between the two countries as the military-backed authorities in Cairo reach out for new allies and seek to lessen dependence on Washington.

Sukhoi Su-37 'Terminator' Jet Fighter Aircraft… par nbargo
The terminator sukhoi-su-37
A Russian official spokesman said that Sergei Lavrov, the foreign minister, and Sergei Shoigu, the defence minister, would discuss issues touching on “military and technical co-operation” – seen as a Russian euphemism for arms sales.

Cairo’s relations with Washington, its primary aid donor and military supplier for four decades, have frayed since the coup in July that ousted the Islamist Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s first elected president.
Sergei Shoigu 1
Russian Defense Minister due in Egypt November 13 2013
As tensions with Washington increased over the summer, culminating in a US decision to withhold part of its annual $1.3bn in military aid, Egyptian officials started to hint that their country would seek a realignment in foreign relations.
That’s precisely what this move indicates. The Saudis are said to be furious with the administration’s handling of Iran. The Egyptians, on the other hand, aren’t happy with the administrations seeming support of the dangerous Muslim Brotherhood.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, due in Egypt this week
Though the US administration has been at pains to avoid labelling the change of leadership in Cairo a coup, criticism in Washington of the ousting of Mr Morsi unleashed in Egypt a torrent of nationalist and anti-US sentiment, amplified by a combative and partisan press. Some in the Egyptian media have gone as far as accusing President Barack Obama of close personal ties with Mr Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood.
Of course, diplomatically, the usual denial of a major shift is to be expected and the Egyptian foreign ministry is not above indulging in that:

Amid the nationalist frenzy and talk of US conspiracies against Egypt, rumours of an imminent visit by President Vladimir Putin – cast almost as a saviour coming to Cairo’s aid – began to circulate in the press and social media soon after the ousting of Mr Morsi.
foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy
Egypt’s Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy.
But Badr Abdel Atty, Egypt’s foreign ministry spokesman, dismissed as “nonsense” any suggestion that Cairo sought “to replace one ally with another”. The strengthening relations with Russia, he said, were an attempt “to provide Egyptian political decision makers with alternatives in the national interest”.
al sissi
General al Sissy Head of Egyptian Military and Minister of Defense
“As far as Russia is concerned, we have had very strong historical relations since the fifties and sixties and we fought with Russian weaponry in the 1973 war [against Israel] ,” said Mr Abdel Atty. “So there is solid ground on which we can build for the future.”
Some Egyptians this as a “back to the future” moment for Egypt when Gamal Abdel Nasser aligned Egypt with the then USSR in what some consider to be “glory days” of Egypt.
John Kerry
John Kerry Blew it.
Regardless of that or any other consideration, it appears that Egypt, like Saudi Arabia, plan to “distance” themselves from the US. And, of course this could indicate worsening relations with Israel in the future.

Part of the remarkably bad foreign policy record this administration has racked up in 5 short years.


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Aleister Crowley’s Sex Magick Philosophies

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alis 1

By Lee Arnold
Modern porn is chock full of the consumption of bodily fluids, sodomy, and other overtly hedonistic acts, and that’s only what goes on in the mainstream stuff. A century ago when Aleister Crowley included acts like these in his occultist writings about Sex Magick — and yes he insisted on the “K”— there was no mainstream for such things.
Crowley cultivated a public image that stoked the fires of fear in a culture entrenched in repressive, Christian-inspired social mores, and the result was Crowley being labelled as an evil lunatic doomed to an eternity in Hell for his blasphemy. He thrived on this notoriety. His ability to market himself was truly an otherworldly gift.
His name was synonymous with black magic, numerology, and spiritualism, but it seems his passion was Sex Magick — ritual involving sex to achieve a predetermined goal.
alis 9bCrowley_unicursal_hexagram.
Aleister Crowley’s rendition of the Unicursal Hexagram, the symbol of Thelema
Some of Crowley’s writings indicate he might have been more of a man obsessed with the power of sex and the drug-like rush that accompanies a good orgasm than the hellbent lunatic who conjures spirits inside of creepy castles as the public imagined him to be.
That’s not to say his approach to Sex Magick wasn’t outrageous. Even when his writings are looked back upon with a century of social evolution in between, some elements of his approach were “out there” to say the least.
Porn is guilty of extremes on par with Crowley’s.
alis 5 crowley_as_head_of_OTOopt
Crowley as head of OTO.
Perhaps the most viral, and seemingly bacterial, porn clip in Internet history is simply known as “Two Girls, One Cup.” The clip was so outside the norm of sexual behavior, even by porn standards, posting videos of the shock on someone’s face while watching it for the first time was the charge that triggered the clip’s explosion in popularity.
two girls one cup ( sorry too disgusting to post.
Disgusting movie Two girls start licking each others chests, followed by one of the girls filling a pint glass with her own feces (Shit Poo). The movie goes on to show BOTH girls licking and sucking at the contents of the cup. Later, one girl has a fine specimen that she squirts out of her mouth a few times before swallowing. THEN the girls start pulling the trigger and puking in each others mouths. If you have the stomach to watch it this is the link http://www.videophenomena.com/2-girls-1-cup/
When it comes to Crowley, however, he didn’t bother using a cup .

Reactions to watching two girls and a cup
Crowley’s Sex Magick in Brief

Crowley’s sex rituals involving the consumption of blood, semen, or feces, were allegedly intended to achieve a higher consciousness, to empower a talisman, or to simply empower ones self. Intense focus on the intended result during the ritual, especially during orgasm, were paramount to achieving the desired goal in Sex Magick.
Crowley saw in orgasm (as in drug experience) a means to create ‘breakages of consciousness’ by pushing the mind to a point of extreme exhaustion and so opening it to the ‘supersensual:’ ‘The technique…was that of excess; through pain or pleasure, sex or intoxication, it was necessary to attain a condition of exhaustion taken to the extreme limit.’
When he established his own spiritual community called Abbey of Thelema, he declared its philosophy to be one of, “Do what thou will,” where free experimentation with sex, drugs, and other self-gratification, were acceptable.
alis 2
In his writings, he revealed some of the directions in which he took his anything-goes philosophy. For example, his involvement with an American who studied under Crowley:
Now I’ll shave and make up my face like the lowest kind of whore and rub on perfume and go after Genesthai [A man whose real name was Cecil Fredrick Russell] like a drunken two-bit prick-pit in old New Orleans. He disgusts me sexually, as I him, as I suspect…[T]he dirtier my deed, the dearer my darling will hold me; the grosser the act the greedier my arse to engulph him! -From Crowley’s 1918 Diary
Crowley found power in challenging the norms of society when it came to sexual satisfaction. Some even claim he intended to tear down the commonly repressed views on sexuality by directly attacking taboos with his actions and writings.
Alis 6 Branded By the Beast Mark
Branded By the Beast Mark
In his diaries, Crowley even wrote of his own Two Girls, One Cup experience involving a woman with whom he lived for quite some time:
My mouth burned; my throat choked, my belly wretched; my blood fled wither who knows …She stood above in hideous contempt…She ate all the body of God and with Her soul’s compulsion made me eat…My teeth grew rotten, my tongue ulcered, raw was my throat, spasm-torn my belly, and all my Doubt of that which to Her teeth was moonlight and to her tongue ambrosia; to her throat nectar, in her belly the One God. – From The Magical Record of the Beast: The Diaries of Aleister Crowley
Of course, these are just highlights of a much-deeper philosophy Crowley built with influences from various religions, occult organizations, mythology, and other sources. It was also something he continued to study and develop until his death in 1947:
If this secret [of sexual magic], which is a scientific secret, were perfectly understood, as it is not by me after more than twelve years’ almost constant study and experiment, there would be nothing which the human imagination can conceive that could not be realized in practice. —The Confessions of Aleister Crowley: An Autobiography
alis 7 Crowley in Golden Dawn garb.
Crowley in Golden Dawn garb.
Sex Magick vs. Sex Industry
More than likely porn performers have had sexual experiences on film where they too were disgusted by their partner, or partners, with whom they had to perform as Crowley was with Genesthai. Also, as we pointed out earlier, the consumption of bodily fluids is as common to the nearly ritualistic sexual performances in porn as Chevrolet Camaros are to the parking lot of a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert. Most every act/ritual Crowley described that shocked the culture of his day, can now be seen on the Internet with a good search term and a few clicks of the mouse.
alis 3
The split between porn makers and Sex Magick occultists like Crowley comes at the point where the desired goal of the actions is considered. The goal of porn makers is to simply make butt-loads of cash. In a perverse way, thinking about the “Benjamins” while being sodomized seems less pure than thinking about spiritual growth during the act.
When reading the works of Crowley, one can’t help but to draw connections between Sex Magick and modern pornography. There are just too many similarities in the acts to not make the connection.
Like Crowley in his day, porn makers often use extremes to lash out at social sexual mores to get headlines and titivate an audience open to exploring their own curiosity when it comes to taboo sexual acts.
The approach has certainly worked for both parties.
Here we are nearly 70 years after Aleister Crowley died, and we’re still talking about him, even if it is just when we hear Ozzy Osbourne sing about him on the radio, and porn is now more mainstream than ever.

alis 4
Sex sells. It always has. It always will.
Outside of his desires to push the envelope of sexual acceptability and consumption of drugs, many of Crowley’s other philosophies might be appealing to a mass audience. Strengthening one’s character and empowering ones self, were often at the root of what he wrote and taught.

The concept of empowerment is something often heard from porn stars, particularly female porn stars, for example, porn veteran Nina Hartley, when interviewed by mainstream sources. Performers like Hartley claim to love what they do and even draw self esteem from it.
So is there magic in sex? When it comes to the way our bodies react to it, and crave it, it is certainly something powerful, even when it comes to the seemingly hollow-sex world of pornography.
Crowley certainly believed.
Do you?
alis 8 Crowley in ceremonial garb, 1912.
Crowley in ceremonial garb, 1912

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Abu Dhabi Big Band – A Night Of Gershwin

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